Robin Williams was a Comedy Legend

On August 11, 2014 the world lost a comedy legend. That person’s name was officially Robin McLaurin Williams. Robin was an Oscar winning actor, a marvelous American actor, heart throbbing stand-up comedian, husband and father. He left behind millions of fans when he died at the age of 63.

Robin’s entered this world on July 21, 1951. He was born in Chicago, Illinois to a former model Laurie McLaurin. His father Robert Fitzgerald Williams was an executive of the Ford Motor Company. He not only inherited comedian characteristics from start but also proved his excellence by holding the President position while in school. Robin became a soccer player and was a member of the wrestling team. He started is college life and majored in political science at Claremont McKenna College in California. When he left Claremont College he earned a full scholarship to the famed Julliard School New York City. He also studied theatre for three years at the College of Marin in Marin Country.

In the early 1970’s Robin Williams started his career as a standup comedian in California. His first performance took place at a comedy club in San Francisco called the Holy City Zoo. Later in 1977, Robin was discovered and given a break by television producer George Schlatter. Robin’s debut performance on the “Laugh-In” show aired in late 1977. That first appearance opened his career in television industry that spanned nearly forty years. In 1978, Robin starred as Mork on one of my favorite shows Mork and Mindy. Over the course of his career Robin appeared in several movies highlighted by the film “Good Morning, Vietnam”, which came out in 1987. Robin was also nominated for several Academy Awards over the course of his career. He won the Academy Award for Best Supporting Actor for his role as therapist Dr. Sean Maguire in the film “Good Will Hunting”. In addition to the Academy Award Robin has won two Emmy Awards, four Golden Globe Awards, five Grammy Awards and two Screen Actors Guild Awards.

Early in his career Robin had trouble with drugs and alcohol. He used these substances during stand up shows and tours. Several factors and medications led him to quit alcohol and drugs but he started drinking again in 2003. He attempted many proactive measures to deal with his drugs and drinking problem for his health and family well-being. According to his third wife Susan, Robin started to develop early signs of Parkinson’s disease before his death.

Several facts were revealed after the death of Robin Williams. According to the report released by the sheriff’s spokesman of Marin country, Lt. Keith Boyd, Robin Williams hanged himself in his bedroom at his home in Northern California. He was first seen dead by his personal assistant, Rebecca Erwin Spencer. It was also suspected that the actor hurt himself with a pocket knife found near his body. The cause of death revealed by the investigation was accredited to Asphyxia and toxicities intake. According to his publicist he suffered with serious depression for months. The official cause of his death was heavy drugs and alcohols intake and depression attack that forced him to commit suicide.

According to many health specialists alcohol intake and depression disease is a major factor of suicide in the majority of cases. This is such of a sad ending to a legendary career. Could this tragedy have been prevented? Perhaps it could have with constant supervision or perhaps a longer stay in rehab. His last trip to rehab took place during the summer of 2014. According to one lady being treated at the same facility in Minnesota, Robin seemed weary and deeply depressed. The signs were there. Unfortunately this tragedy couldn’t be prevented. What we have left are the memories of a legendary career in comedy that caused millions to laugh. Rest in Peace Robin.



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