Scorpions Bassist Admits To Attending At Least One Snuff Party

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If you have turned your life over to sheer evil for the sake of evil, there may only be one thing better than viewing a movie where the star discovers during the filming that she is being murdered on film. Of course, that would be attending the actual filming of such a (snuff) movie, in a party setting.

This is not to suggest that all snuff parties make a video or film recording of the murder(s), but one can imagine, that is often the case. There is said to be a rich base of clientele who will pay good money to see new snuff films. (Evidently, watching reruns gets old pretty quickly.)

Ralph Rieckermann has gotten social media talking. He played bass for Scorpions from 1993 to 2003. He was recently approached by one of the ubiquitous TMZ freelancers.1) The “photojournalist” thought it would only be natural to ask him about Berlin's thriving fetish party scene, since virtually all of the 30 or so musicians who played in the 50 year old band at one time or another have been German.

In case you are not into the fetish scene, there are nightclubs and private parties with various themes dealing with sexual fetishes. The perennially popular ones probably involve leather, bondage, sadism and masochism.

Rieckermann initially answered that he is not a fan. Then he started to expound, and I'm guessing he probably wishes he had not said anything else. He said that he was at one party (no time frame was given) where some really bad shit went down. The interviewer asked if it was a bestiality show.

Rieckermann explained it was a party where people were murdered. He said that some party goers paid as much as $100,000 to attend. Before the hit and run interview ended, he alluded to another party that was evidently worse, somehow. He said this other one made him want to vomit.

If seeing people murdered for party entertainment didn't make him want to throw up, one can only wonder what went on at this other event. If you have done much reading at all into the world of conspiracy politics, you have probably come across a significant amount of data regarding ritual rape, torture and murder of babies and children.

Perhaps the first party was a matter of an adult being killed quickly, but the other party involved the drawn out torture and murder of kids. There is no shortage of reports, rumors and stories of many of the world's most rich, powerful and famous people being into this type of thing.

Britain's David Icke has been talking about this since the 1990s. The avalanche of data revolving around the late weirdo, British DJ and Tops of the Pops presenter, Jimmy Saville, has certainly proven that Icke has not been barking up the wrong tree. Saville was tight with various members of the Royal Family as well as Prime Ministers and members of Parliament.

Icke named people publicly and dared them to sue him, including former Prime Minister Ted Heath (accusations of pedophilia and ritual murder), and George H.W. Bush – daddy Bush President 41 – (accusations child rape.) There are books written by purported recovered US government mind controlled sex slaves, Cathy O'Brien & Sue Ford (real name, Brice Taylor) who did not know each other during their mind controlled years, but who both had little girls named Kelly with whom various politicians and celebrities would have sex – or a certain President whose name rhymes with ray gun, who loved to watch videos of mother, daughter and doggies having sex.)

You have to scratch your head and wonder why none of these named alleged culprits ever sued for defamation. The argument is that it would simply draw more attention to the accusations, so it's best to ignore them, but come on now. If some asshole were disseminating such heinous and untrue accusations out about you, to millions of people, wouldn't you sue to protect your reputation?

The reality is probably more to the point that, yes, it would draw attention to the accusations, and there is all kinds of evidence that would come out in a court case that would show them to have merit. The accused could not endure the depositions and keep the truth from becoming common knowledge.

Let's be clear, though. Nobody is saying that everybody who is super rich and powerful are into this kind of unthinkable depravity. For that matter, nobody is saying that there are not plenty of poor and middle class individuals into it as well. However, if you allow yourself to take an open minded investigation into the evidence, you will be hard pressed to remain in denial that it happens, (even if you don't believe every case you hear about.)

The sad truth is that Child Protective Services (in their various different names in various states and countries are tied into this sickness.) In the state of Georgia, a brave state Senator, Nancy Schaefer was on a mission to expose the child trafficking network, connected with her state's children's services department. She and her husband were found dead in their home. The police said it was a case of murder suicide, which was outrageous to anybody who knew them and their dedication to help the victimized children in their area and throughout the world.

I deal with this general topic more in depth and with many links to other resources that are hard to refute in this devtome post. For those who would no sooner click through to that post than they would opt to gouge their own eyes out, let me at least let you know about how then Senator Barney Frank's boyfriend, ran an male prostitution ring that included under-aged boys from Barney Frank's own townhouse.2)

This came out publicly and Frank was able to get away denying all knowledge and go about his life as a US Senator in good standing. You should also know that it came out in the news that child prostitutes got midnight tours of the White House during Reagan and Bush 41 tenures.3)

This ties into the books, The Franklin Coverup and The Franklin Scandal, that tell how a man named Larry King (No, not that L.K.), who sang the national anthem at the both of Bush 41's Presidential nomination conventions, was found guilty in civil court of forcing boys from Omaha's Boy's Town into sexual slavery. The book presents ample evidence that he was helped by various federal departments and agencies.4) 5) 6)

The boy, Paul Bonacci, who won the million dollar settlement, reported how he was a co star in a porn video he was forced to participate in that to his shock turned out to be a snuff tape when the other boy was suddenly shot in the head as they were having sex in a back part of the Bohemian Grove club, where it is documented fact that various US and global elites camp and meet every year in seclusion.7) 8) 9)

A number of children were sent to prison for testifying in criminal court against Larry King. The judge (or grand jury led by the alleged prosecutor) said their tales were not possible, so they had to be perjuring themselves. As you might imagine, this stopped other children from testifying, so King got away from criminal penalties, yet ironically, did some prison time for white collar crime.

It would be highly illuminating for you to read at least one of those book. At the very least, do a search for those terms (Franklin Coverup & Franklin Scandal) and devour some web pages on the topic. If you are one of these people who can't believe that anyone high up in government could take part in anything like this, or in 911 or any number of false flag events, you simply are not looking at the evidence – at least, not with a semblance of an open mind.

If you are one of these people who say, “Well, I just don't want to think about this stuff, because there is nothing I can do about it,” you are part of the problem.

Lookit, none of us know exactly what to do about this shit, but one thing is for sure. If we refuse to even think about it, we will never arrive at the point of affecting change. Secondly, if enough people pray, things may change in ways we can't even currently fathom. In order to get that many people praying, we have to become aware of this stuff and bring it to the attention of others.

Most people are good and would never be involved with this kind of depravity. Billions of good people can not keep being help powerless to a relatively few sociopaths. So say a prayer right now for those who are suffering at this very second. Ask for guidance as to what you are supposed to be doing. I will do the same.


I can't say for certain, but I get the distinct feeling that Rieckermann did not know what was going to happen at those 2 events he mentions. I doubt he reported them to police. That, too, is just a hunch, but I do know that members of the police are often a part of these activities, so nothing may have come if he did so. I, for one, am glad he spoke up at this time about those experiences. I think it will raise awareness that is sorely needed.

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