Social Media in Baseball

The sport of baseball was made in the 1800's and has been Americas pastime ever since. There are thirty teams in baseball and every team has millions of fans. Baseball is a multi-billion dollar corporation and only wants to make more money. Social media has been the new way to promote ever since the invention of the internet. Billions of people go on the internet every day and many organizations have been capitalizing on that. Some social Medias are a very easy way to get business. Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube are there sites that have billions of followers/ users. Utilizing these social media outlets can be extremely helpful for baseball. It can provide more advertisement, promotions, and an instant source of information. Using these sites would not be the easiest thing to do; you need to make regulations and rules that have to be followed so players or managers don’t say or do things that could look bad on the organization. The managing of the sites would have to be very organized and would have to have some consequences if the rules are broken. Using Social Media more affectively in Baseball would help increase revenue and help achieve a higher fan base.

How to manage social media

One of the hardest things about using social media in baseball would be managing it. Many players do not like more rules and some even do certain things to brake them. What the commissioner would need to do is make a complete list of what is ok to do and what crosses that line. Being the commissioner is a huge responsibility, you are going to have to make a lot of very hard decisions and say a lot of things that players and managers will not like. What the commissioner is going to have to do is get a board of people along with the managers of the league and have a sit down making these rules. The Guillen family is not very good at obeying the rules. “ The White Sox’s latest controversy stemmed from brash statements on Twitter by manager Ozzie Guillen’s son, Oney, 24. Ozzie told Oney to resign from his position with the Sox’s video department because some of his tweets were inappropriate for a team employee.” Rosenthal, (2010 March) Social media present challenges for GM's. Sometimes it isn’t even the player that break the rules and that’s why it is hard to be a general manger. When this happened the commissioner did not have to make the ruling, but it did end up in Ozzie's son losing his job.

How using social media will be beneficial

Managing social media the right way can end up being very helpful. If the MLB (Major League Baseball) can use websites like Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube the right way they can really help themselves and help their sponsors. Let's start with Facebook. Facebook has hundreds of millions of users per day and that is something that can be very beneficial, if used the right way. Also one huge perk of Facebook is by one person “liking your page” all of their friends can see that this occurred. When one person likes a page their friend has a higher chance of liking it as well. Manago, Taylor, and Greenfild (2012) found this study to be very true. Baseball can have giveaways, promotions, and sell memorabilia over the internet. This can help baseball as a whole, and help their sponsors. Say on the MLB page on facebook they made a status saying “the first 200 people to sign up for this website gets this free memorabilia” this would help their sponsors because there are hundreds of people signing up for their website. This is an attention getter and is a very easy and quick way to advertise.

When using these social media's from a promotional aspect, the target audience might not always be the same. Each website that you would use would have to be approached differently. Let's start with Youtube,“Youtube has gained an audience of billions of users including educators and scholars.” Snelson…Constance (2012). Billions of people are using YouTube to watch videos and now most videos have advertisements before each video. If we decided to buy a commercial for a very popular song millions of people would see our commercial before they watch/listen to that song. Twitter is also very different. Twitter is a place where the player is what the audience is viewing. Some players have hundreds of millions of followers on their account. When they make a status that is millions of people that are reading it and thinking about it. If a player decided to write something that we wanted it would target many fans and be a free and easy way to advertise. Also some players help market for us without even meaning to. Some players will make a status saying something like “it's my 23rd birthday hope we get a win” this makes people that see that status want to go to the game more to support their favorite player. Another way a player could help advertise would be for special promotions. They could make a status saying that Wednesday is free bobble head night. That would make millions of fans want to attend the game more to try to get that free bobble head. Some players will post about a rivalry with a different team, making fans want to go to those games more. All of these ways are free advertising and an easy way to make people want to go to our games. Once a fan has gone to a game the chances of him wanting to go to anther are highly increased. Not many people have a bad time at a baseball game.

There needs to be a strict policy for punishments

One huge responsibility when relying on social media is what happens when someone break the rules. No matter what system you try to implement there are always going to be people that break the rules. What we need to do is make sure it doesn’t happen a lot, and what will happen to the person responsible. The rules have to be strict but the punishment policy has to be even stricter. When a player breaks the rule and nothing is done about it, it makes your company look weak. It makes other people think that they can get away with things because the other person did it first. This policy has to be one that has a defined punishment and what will happen to repeat offenders. Some things might be jokes that went bad. On case was two years ago when a pitcher gave out another players number on twitter. “ This morning we saw that C.J. Wilson tweeted Mike Napoli‘s phone number for all of his followers to see. ” Calcaterra C (2012 March) CJ Wilson probably violated the MLB social media policy. Giving out another players phone number for millions of people to see is not a thing that will be allowed. This makes that player have to change his number and is an inconvenience for him.

I think that these improvements will drastically help your organization. They will help in the long run and the short run. You can increase our profits and make more fans which will eventually turn to revenue. If you utilize Facebook, Twitter, and Youtube the right way your company will only benefit. Being the commissioner is not the easiest job in the world, but your rules must be strict and your punishments must be firm. This will make players respect you and not want to break the rules that you have provided them.


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