It takes place is a small quiet town, nestled in the north Georgia mountains. The show follows a family of Appalachian Mountain Squids, who are (from all appearances and narration) the last, and possibly first of their species.

The Family includes Early, Rusty, Aunt Lou and Granny. They are a redneck squid family, that lives on the fringe of the law… Or really just outside of the law… But they are friends with the local sheriff, who is called to their mountain shack daily for the things they do.

Early is the main character, and the father/head of the family. He is always drunk, and doesn't care what happens to anyone else. so he is not the best of role models to his son Rusty, who looks up to him in every way. Early also likes to have relations with inanimate objects ever since his divorce with Rusties mother, who is basically a beached whale of a woman who has squatting rights at a local dump.

The town is run by a business… Guy, who has no knees or torso, name Dan Halen… Dan Halen is rich and gets away with whatever he wants, because the sheriff is paid by him. Dan Halen hires Early as CEO simply for how stupid he is, and uses him to take liability for all of his companies dangerous and mostly illegal projects.

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