"Star Trek" Game Review

I recently received the Star Trek Game PC DVD I had ordered. Putting it into the computer to install showed that in fact the game was to be delivered from Steam rather than installed directly from the DVD. This wasn't mentioned in the Amazon product description. I'd explicitly chosen not to use Steam and that's the reason I bought the DVD. So not happy that I had to wait for the 5Gb game file to download.

Running the game proved impossible. The ST.exe game process would kick off, then die about 10 seconds later. The game never installed correctly by the looks of it as the game icon on my desktop was the one for a blank sheet of paper rather than a specific Star Trek game icon.

I verified the files against Steam and no issues were reported and two following downloads and install attempts also didn't work.

So I sent it back to Amazon and have just got my refund. This release was so badly executed that I couldn't even install the game to do an actual review.

Others seem to have had success in installing the game from DVD but there's nothing peculiar about my PC. Yet, for whatever reason, the game wouldn't install correctly nor run.

I therefore cannot recommend this game - at least as installed from DVD. Seems there's a few bugs to iron out.

After I returned the disk, I came across this rant from a gamer on YouTube. He didn't have any issues installing the game, but playing the game showed up some serious flaws in it: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZB7r9m9vYNA

The “Star Trek” game was originally due for release in June 2012. We can only wonder what the developers were doing with it (if anything) in the 10 months between the original release date and the actual release date.


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