Staying Safe Online

The internet is a great place to communicate with friends, meet new people and try out new things, however, everything you do on the internet is not anonymous, or private. While the internet is available to everyone, it’s also available to criminals and thieves of course. The internet is a great tool for uploading, downloading, storing data to specific web servers. Just about that could be enough to create serious security issues for you. Talking about security issues on the internet is one of the most popular topics, as anyone will a computer and a web browser, can commit a magnitude of cyber crimes. It’s very important to know how to protect yourself from such crimes.

There are risk involved that can steal your information, criminals can use it against you, rendering you powerless day by day. It’s very important that you do not give information without proving that website is a trusted source. You can look up reviews on that site, check to see if it’s secure by looking in the URL for ‘https’, or simply going on another site that you trust with similar content/service. Don’t download anything you see on the internet, chances are that if you download a lot files, at least one of them is a virus. Use a good anti-virus to scan your computer every so often, make sure that the files you are download can be verified safe, and make sure that you are not downloading advertisement choices when you are installing a program. When you use a social network site, you are most likely giving your information away. Cyber Stalkers can use this to their advantage, grabbing as much information as possible until they decide to use it against you.

Staying safe is very important, but to those who were affected, it’s not too late. If your credit card has been stolen, you may dispute the credit card and charges that the thief may have done, and try to change to a more complex password. If you have a virus that you may have gotten for downloading a music file, disconnect your internet, immediately do a deep scan for viruses, change the passwords on all of your account, and you may have to re-install your operating system. Try setting your profile to ‘private’ or ‘friends only’ on social network sites, or simply just delete it entirely. Things like your first name, a non-revealing profile pictures, a low profile-description and some light information is fine. If you think you are being Cyber Stalked, you can try to be cautious, remove revealing information and try to keep your activity minimal to friends and family, also have their information set to 'private’.

In conclusion, unless you are cautious, it’s too easy for anyone can take anything from you. By simply using common sense and some basic internet skills, avoiding most of criminal activity is easy. Many people have become victimized by thieves. It’s always possible for anyone to become a thief, as well as become a victim to one. Just remember that the internet will always come with a price, like all things in the digital world, and in real life.


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