The Boston Marathon Bombing Was As Phony As A Three Dollar Federal Reserve Note

Like most terror events (and non gang related mass shootings) in the United States, the Boston Marathon bombings were, in all likelihood, staged by one or more alphabet soup intelligence agencies.

The immediate questions that come to mind are; Why are they always doing these false flag terror events? What do they have to gain?

(For those who aren't familiar with the term, “false flag,” yet, that means that somebody does something horrible – or, in a recent trend, at least pretends to do something horrible and tries to get everyone to believe it is real – but blames it on somebody else.)

I hate to say the culprits have, “reasons,” so allow me to state it this way: The psychopaths who do these kinds of things have a number of motivations. The biggest false flag in recorded human history, 911, was done to help the culprits further their goal of a dictatorial global government.

[We'll get to Boston soon enough. I'm building a foundation here, so please allow this, the first of many detours we will traverse.]

This bloodline cabal's goal of a despotic one world government has been a multi generational pursuit and they (with good reasoning), believe that events like 911 can be used to cement the deal within this generation. In fact, most of the false flag terror events – real, hoaxes or combinations thereof, are done with the same motivation.

If you don't believe that the government would ever stoop to such levels, please try to keep in mind that it is not the government as a whole. It's a relatively few demented criminals who have managed to take over the ship, so to speak.

Also, do an online search for, FBI ADMITS THEY SUPPLIED THE EXPLOSIVES FOR WORLD TRADE CENTER BOMBING. Then read several of the web pages that come up and watch a few of the videos. Then ask yourself, if they admitted that they did that one, is it possible they have done others, but they aren't admitting it?

The only reason they admitted it is because one of the guys there were recruiting to do the dirty deed, couldn't believe it, so he tape recorded some of his meetings with FBI agents, in the event he might get in trouble for his actions.

That happened in 1993. You can bet the farm that the FBI instituted a policy from that point on,. It became mandatory for agents who are recruiting people to engage in terror to always check (and then double check) to make absolutely certain they are not being recorded.

That is extremely important, because things like that have a way of waking sleeping people up to the reality of the world they live in. Thankfully – from the perspective of these culprits, that is – the media will do their best to not cover such slip-ups. In the event that they are forced to, due to the circumstances, for instance, these tape recordings being introduced in court, the media will quickly cover it and then get on to the next distraction.

Anybody who realizes that the FBI hired the 1993 WTC bombers and even supplied information on how to go about finding the explosives, is showing their true colors if they take the position that the government would never do anything like that again.

What are their true colors?

There are different ones. One is the color of a shill; someone who is paid to keep people from believing the government would ever take part in terrorism against the citizens of the US. You'll find a lot of these people in the media.

Another color is the color of the volunteer shills, whose payment is emotional, rather than fiscal. It helps them stay in denial because they don't want to face the truth. They are desperately clinging to their outmoded and childish world view, and reality is quickly encroaching.

These shills will tell you that the FBI's version of the 1993 WTC bombing is 100% accurate, although also 100% negligent. That story says that they recruited people to do the bombing as a way to protect the citizens of New York.

You see, if they can find such despicable people, and get them to find other despicable people to help them, they can then arrest them in the process, and put them behind bars. They say that they were supposed to make a switch of explosive material, by trading the real stuff with some fake stuff, but for some reason or another, it just never came through. You know how bureaucracy is, with all the red tape, and all.

See? It was totally a mix up. They were trying to help the people, not kill and maim them. Everybody's human. What? You've never had a miscommunication with anyone you've ever worked with?

No harm, no foul – Well, big harm, big foul, but it wasn't on purpose, they insist. Besides, the important thing is they are really sorry and they promise never to do it again.

So remember, there are two main groups of people telling this story. Those who don't believe it, but are getting paid to do so; and those who actually are in denial enough to believe it, because they don't want their entire paradigm to come crashing down upon them and have to deal with the incredible state of the world, as it really is.

Even if you find yourself in this latter group, and you actually believe it was just a mix up, and you think it makes perfect sense for the government to try to talk people into becoming terrorists (as long as they stop them in time), you still have no right to get on your high horse and say that the government would never be involved in a terror event.

The simple fact is, even if you take the FBI's ridiculous excuse as truthfulness, if they, “messed up,” like that before, they have proven to you they have the ability to mess up like that again. So please, quit acting like anyone who believes that the government was involved in 911 – or any of these now, ubiquitous smaller alleged terror events is a paranoid moron.

Based on this one case in 1993 alone, nobody ever has the right to act like that. Even more to point, for every 100 terror events or arrests, probably 99 of them are created by one or another intelligence agency.1) 2) 3) 4)

The government is almost constantly recruiting people – usually mentally ill people, to get involved in a plan to carry out terror events. Most of these people would never in a million years actually do anything like that, left to their own accord.

You have to consider that a government that is so willing to set people up and send them to prison, is also extremely likely to be dark enough to actually use some of these people by letting them go through with the plan.

He would advertise his company on billboards in certain neighborhoods. After the signs were up for a well, he would walk those neighborhoods in the middle of the night. You see where this is going, right? He would bust several windshields each time he took one of his strolls. He would create problems for people and then provide the solution.

This is just one way, a government would use “terrorists” that they created. People will ask for security if there are scary terrorists doing scary terrorist things in their midst. They will give up liberty in hopes of gaining security.

The underwear bomber5) is a perfect example of a government created terrorist that was used as an excuse to make airline travelers get irradiated by having naked pictures taken of themselves, and their children, and/or to have their private parts touched (in public, no less.)

It's a psyop, a psychological operation that amounts to slave training. The government is seeking to keep encroaching on the liberties or the people, and constantly move the line. If the people will take the line moved to point A, then the government will move it to point B.

So, instead of just being for air travelers, the TSA humiliation and health risks can also be enjoyed at sporting events, concerts, and even shopping malls. For good measure, they will have them at proms sometimes too. Since the people of the United States are proving to be so willing to accept the line being moved, it is probably just a matter of time before there will be random body cavity searches for air travelers.

It might start out where the unlucky random traveler has to go to a private room to have the exam done, but later, there might be another option. In the interest of saving time, she will be able to choose to have the exam done in one of those plexiglass booths right there in the boarding area.

No, they won't put curtains up, because they want to foster a spirit of transparency, so that everyone will see it's a standard and painless procedure that no one should be afraid of. Then, they'll take the private room option away, and all the body cavity searches will be in public, for your own protection, of course.

As far fetched as random air travel body cavity searches may sound to you right now, all it will take is for a rectum bomber to be seen on a plane trying to light a firecracker she pulls out of that strategic location. Just like the case of the underwear bomber, it won't matter that men in black suits put the rectum bomber on the plane. It won't matter that it becomes a matter of public record that the government recruited her.6)

Unless we start waking up in larger numbers and refuse to go along with the program, the repression is only going to get worse. Look what happened in the aftermath of the Boston Marathon bombing.

The government basically shut down the entire city. The public train was stopped. People stayed home instead of going to work, so the police could look for one teenager. They instituted martial law.

Throngs of cops in riot gear busted down doors if you didn't have them open waiting for them to come in without a search warrant and without asking for permission, to search everything in the house. They would first demand that the occupants come out to be patted down, as if they were a suspect.

You don't want to think about what would happen if the citizen had a gun on them to protect themselves from the so-called bomber. Then they had to stay out of their own homes while the SWAT team went in and searched every nook and cranny. If anything came up missing, or there was a stench in the bathroom when the occupants got back, oh well. Such is the price of protection from a 19 year old unarmed kid.

If you didn't want to let them in, you can imagine the repercussions. What was left of the Bill of Rights was suspended for one kid. Then, the people of the city went out and cheered on the cops for denying their rights, and for humiliating them, and yelling at them, and invading their privacy and treating them like slaves.

You may say that three people were killed – (or at least, that's the story) – so it was necessary. Oh really? Every time people get killed, anywhere in any city in the country, now the thing to do is suspend the Constitution and go storming into every home, like we're Palestinians in the occupied territory?

If you think that's okay, what next? Will it be okay if the cops don't like it if you talk back to them, so they bust all the furniture in your house and urinate and defecate on your bed, or take your children to interrogation rooms and scare and/or beat the hell out of kids as young as 5 years old, like the Israeli Defense Force has a penchant for doing to the Palestinians?7)

What happened in Boston was another psyop and another test of moving the line. Now police departments, even in small towns are inspired to encroach upon the liberty of the people they are supposed to be protecting.8)

Based on the extensive photographic evidence, it was a hoax with quite a large number of actors. Many skeptics believe no one was injured, but I don't know there is enough evidence to definitively say that, although I'm leaning in that direction.

As far as the three people said to be killed in Boston, I don't think we truly know that to be the case. The media and government have been caught putting out so much false information, (as well as not covering events that are known to be true), it's difficult to believe them about anything.

People are calling the bombs, smoke bombs, because that seems to be the extent of their firepower. They each provided smoke and a bit of a bang. The bang was not that loud. Allegedly there was supposed to be all kinds of shrapnel that amputated many arms and legs.

There were “witnesses” who spoke of seeing a lot of arms and legs in the streets, but the photographs and videos do not show any. Days later, the story changed, and it was said that the types of bombs that were used, kept the shrapnel close to the ground, so the limbs that got blown off were legs only, no arms.

I've only found one witness on video talk about all the limbs that were in the street, but radio reports, shortly after the bombings, said people were reporting arms and legs. Regardless of whether anyone lost an arm that day or not, there are high definition photos of the main bombing site, and not a single limb is shown (that isn't attached to someone.)

There is the famous picture of the guy who was put in the wheelchair, who had two missing legs, though. As far as him being proof that it wasn't a hoax, the skeptics among us are suggesting that he was a double amputee to begin with. As unlikely as that may initially sound, there is actually a lot of photographic and even video evidence to indicate that. We will go over it in a moment.

First, I want to get back to the shrapnel. To be sure, there are images taken after the public was gone that showed shrapnel bits. That doesn't mean they came from the explosion. If the skeptics are right, and the event was staged, then so was the shrapnel.

There were a lot of flags right in the bombing area. The shrapnel did not seem to tear even one hole in a single flag. That fact was starting to get a lot of chatter online. One has to wonder if the story about the shrapnel having a particularly low flying trajectory is because so many people were starting to talk about the fact that the flags were absolutely unscathed.

The problem is, there were large banners covering fences at ground level, nearby where the bomb went off. In all the pictures, no one can find any of those banners that were pierced by a single bit of shrapnel. Yet, you can see a number of people with clothes that were tattered, so it doesn't make sense.

The force of the explosion does break one banner. Perhaps it was at the seam, or at the end where it was held on to structure it was covering. Other than than, photos show no holes like you would expect, and those start at ground level, so there is no reason why that special magic low trajectory shrapnel would not have torn through some of those.

[NOTE: There is a wood fence made of really thin slats that shows damage, but that is where people were lined up watching the runners. When the bang was heard, it was likely damaged from the weight of the people who had been lined up on it, who reacted by falling on it or trying to get away.

You can see in the photos that the fence held, and people hit the deck. The more I study the photos and videos, it seems very likely that everyone on the sidewalk in that area were players. The pictures show that most of the people who hit the deck by the fence do not generally have shredded clothes.]

The media has shown us the stories of several women who had leg amputations. I think most (or all) of them are said to have lost their legs in the operating room, rather than at the bombing. However, the storyline is there was shrapnel to blow at least two legs off, (both belonging to wheelchair guy, as well as to tatter quite a few clothes, but none of it got to banners on the fences not far from the bombs. Very strange.

The absence of tears and holes in the banners and flags is not the only mystery regarding the shrapnel, which seems to have some magical qualities. Never, in the history of shrapnel, has there been so many instances where it tears clothes to shreds, yet there is often virtually no blood on so many of the people with the shredded clothes.

It seems like it would be impossible to happen to even one person, yet it happened to many people that fateful day in Bean Town. There are pictures of quite a few people with torn clothes, but they aren't bleeding.

My favorite shot of the aftermath of the magic shrapnel is this guy. [Click the back button to navigate back to this article.] From the photos, he can be seen walking around and around, like an extra from central casting, making sure to get in the shot.

Some people will say that since the media has given us his name and back story, that proves he's for real. That's hardly the case. The media has told us a lot of names said to belong to people at the marathon.

Even if it's their real names, it doesn't mean the bombing narrative is true. This reminds me of the guy down the street from ground zero on 911 who said the most scripted lines you'll ever hear in a man on the street interview, just hours after the towers were attacked.

He gave a description of what would later be provided as the “scientific” reason the towers fell: “I witnessed both towers collapse. One first and then the second, mostly due to structural failure, because the fire was just too intense.”

How could he have possibly known what government experts would later tell us? It's just too pat. When skeptics say that he is obviously a stooge, true believers say he couldn't possibly be, because he is a contributor to Fox news and a radio show and people know his name, and he really does live near ground zero.

How does the fact that we know his name and where he lives and works, prevent the possibility that he's a paid stooge who was given a too perfect script to deliver? It doesn't. Nobody is denying that he's a real human and has a name. Plus, it makes sense to hire someone who really lives there. (I'm presuming he does.) And, it's a known factoid that intelligence agencies work with people in media, and have done so for many decades.

Here's that video, in case you are interested.

Here is my take on 911.

I digress, though. The main point I was going for is that it's silly to not believe someone is shill, simply because you have a name and background information about them. Therefore, just because we have a name for wheelchair guy, Jeff Bauman, that doesn't mean he got his legs blown off at the marathon. Of all the pictures of victims at the bombing, his is, by far, the most horrific.

Both legs are gone, one well above the knee; the other below the knee, and with a long shin bone sticking out and a huge flap of skin hanging near it, you can't help but recoil when you see the picture. Yet, when you look at the photographic evidence provided by David McGowan and other researchers, you may find yourself scratching your head in wonderment.

[NOTE: The are 16 installments to McGowan's amazing look at the event, but they are not linked together, so after each installment, you can click the HOME page link to find the next one. Scroll down to the title; The Boston Marathon Bombings: Fully Exposed.]

Is Bauman the most unfortunate of Boston Marathon victims, or the most famous and fiscally rewarded of all the actor hoaxers? If you will spend some open minded time at McGowan's play by play photo investigation, you will probably answer, the former. By the way, in honor of Bauman, he originally titled it, The Curious Case Of The Man Who Could Only Sit Down.

That is in reference to the fact that Bauman's legs (what are left of them) appear to be locked in a seated position. When he is on the ground, on his back, his stumps are pointed to the sky. When he is on his side, they are to the side, again, in the same, seated position.

It certainly looks as if the leg with the bone and the flap of skin is a prosthetic. If true, it's only well done in terms of the initial shock value it brings. The are a number of flaws, including the way it fits onto his actual stump. It doesn't allow for much movement. That would explain why his body can only be in a seated posture, whether he is seated or not.

When you first see the picture of him on the wheelchair, you can't help but wonder why they wouldn't have gotten a stretcher. When you read the speculation, you realize it's probably because it would look stupid for him to be on his back sticking his legs up.

They literally had to get him a wheelchair if they didn't want to draw the wrong kind of attention to him. The other reason for the wheelchair, presuming this theory is correct, is because if they had responded to him like they normally would, it would not have provided such intense and compelling images.

In the real world, a person would be on a stretcher, with his wounds covered, but that wouldn't work for what the planners of this psyop had in mind. How could we have have seen the horror of his leg if it was covered? That would have been like watching the news coverage of 911 and without having to see the plane crash or the towers falling every couple of minutes.

There is a guy in a cowboy hat, carrying an American flag in a lot of the pictures, who we are told is named Carlos. He is said to have saved Bauman's life by attending to him, and getting the wheelchair and someone to push him, while he held and squeezed his dangling artery together, all the way down the block to the ambulance.

Unfortunately for the perpetrators of this narrative, there were a couple people who took a ton of pictures from the office buildings by where the finish line bomb went off. Those photos provide a fascinating juxtaposition between what the players told reporters that they did, and what they actually did.

In the case of Carlos, he is seen standing several feet away from the group of players that the Bauman character was in. They were all together, evidently providing cover to help him get on his Halloween mangled leg prosthetic on. Carlos can be seen just standing around, not doing anything.

He seems to be looking at Bauman though. Moreover, it looks like he is signaling to him by pointing a finger, while trying to use his hat to shield the fact that he's making a signal. There are quite a few pictures that look as if different people are giving signals.

To hear Carlos tell the story, he immediately stated dissembling the fence that was keeping responders from the victims, and then once on the other side, he quickly saw that Bauman was the one who needed the most help, so he went to get a stretcher, but could only find a wheelchair.

The truth is, that while Carlos was just standing around until he evidently received an action cue, nobody paid any attention whatsoever to Bauman. People who pictures show were in no way nearly as injured as Bauman were being tended to, and even put on stretchers, while everyone pretended that the one guy in the area with his legs blown off is the invisible man. It's stunning, really.

Please make sure you take some time and really read through McGowan's text and pictorial deconstruction of the events, because I can't do it justice, especially without the hundreds of pictures he used. For a quite some time, there is no blood to be found on the scene. Then at one point, there is suddenly a ton of bright red paint, I mean blood, all over the walkway. Images of people are like that as well.

First they don't have blood anywhere to be found on them, but later there is a ton of blood on their clothes. As mentioned earlier, there are plenty of people whose clothes are shredded with shrapnel, but they never had blood.

The pictures of Bauman and Carlos, with an unnamed player pushing the chair, have a number of anomalies. At one point, they also come into view in a video, and that too has an anomaly. It's probably the biggest single smoking gun on record. (We'll get to that in a second.)

Regarding the dangling participle, er, artery, some pictures don't show just how much of it is hanging. In other photos, though, it's got to be between two and three feet, and Carlos is running beside the chair, faithfully clamping it with his bare thumb and fingers.

It's dubious looking enough in the other shots. In the ones where it looks like you could cut it off and lace up a high top sneaker with it, it's bizarre that anyone thought that it looked realistic enough to use, and even more bizarre that millions of people actually believe it's real.

You can also see that they didn't do a very good job at all in sizing Bauman with a life-sized prosthetic, for his body. If he was a center for professional basketball team, it might have been a different story. Its length is way, way too much.

In every photo of Bauman, he is not showing any expression of pain. Also absent is any flowing blood. Heck, there is no dripping blood. Maybe that is because he was unattended for so long, he completely bled out while they were putting people with scratches on stretchers.

Of course, he'd be dead if he bled out, but for some reason, he wasn't bleeding. He was showing no pain. He wasn't unconscious. He wasn't looking like anyone who had two legs blown off. He looks alert and sharp, as if you could have had a nice conversation with him while they were wheeling him down the block to the awaiting ambulances.

Here's a great video that shows a lot anomalies and fakery. You really get awesome shots of Bauman trying to get his fake stumps on with the help of some other cast members around him.

That's another thing. It's a public street that the stretchers and wheelchairs are being wheeled on. Ambulances could have easily driven to the bomb site, but it made such a better photo and video opportunity to have the victims be wheeled to the ambulances.

Who cares about saving time and getting them to the hospital sooner? They didn't need that. Are you kidding? They're Boston Strong! That was truly curious, but not nearly as bizarre as the ambulances at Sandy Hook which were never allowed on school property.

It's amazing to hear the excuses provided by the true believers of that false flag psyop. Paramedics weren't allowed because someone declared all the victims dead; all almost 30 of them declared dead in just a few minutes time.

Never mind the fact that trauma victims often seem to be dead, but aren't, or that after being worked on by heroic medical teams, they sometimes come back from the brink of death. Never mind the fact that sometimes people who haven't had a breath in 20 minutes come back. No, we don't need any stinkin' ambulances clogging up the parking lot.

Also, don't even think about calling for the Life Star helicopters. Over at the Metabunk website, the excuse was given that even if everyone wasn't dead, the helicopters wouldn't have been able to land, because after all, it was an active shooter situation.

So according to the Metabunk crowd, there should never be ambulances of the ground or the air variety called for active shooter situations I guess. It's clearly too dangerous and against protocol. Even after the shooter is dead, we can't let life saving helicopters land within five miles. How do we know there aren't 20 more shooters and they aren't going to go out and shoot the 'copters down?

It's silly how true believers are just willing to make shit up to help them live in denial of what is really going on in the world. By the way, even though all the Sandy Hook victims were declared dead within less than eight minutes from the first shots going off, it turns out that two adults survived.9)

We didn't even find out the day of the event. How could that possibly happen? No survivors the first day, and then later, two survivors. Yet, no ambulances were allowed on the property at any time, including when they realized there were survivors. No one can track down the ambulances that brought the survivors to the hospital.

We were only told who one of them is. A teacher who is said to have been holding the door to prevent the shooter from entering, so he shot through the door and hit her four times. Good thing bullets don't hurt if they pass through a door, because she could have used an ambulance right away, if she hadn't of been declared dead along with the other survivor. But I digress.

The piece de resistance to the Jeff Bauman story is when they are getting close to the ambulance, somebody evidently realizes something is wrong. Suddenly the wheelchair stops.

One of the guys who isn't cowboy Carlos, walks around, in front of Bauman, and gives his prosthetic, I mean his leg, a good few hard pushes, as if he keeping it from falling off. You might think that handling his leg like that would would cause Bauman to grimace. Naw… Didn't even flinch. I, on the other hand, step on a sand spur in my front yard, and the neighbors hear my, yelp, several houses down. (That's on video, by the way… Not me stepping on the sand spur. I mean the video of them trying to keep Bauman's leg from falling.)

Jeff Bauman is only one of many stories that don't add up. There are many victims who are said to have had severe injuries, where there are pictures clearly show did not happen. There's a video that shows what appears to be a victim with a blood pack in one hand, who doesn't have blood on her leg in one frame, but has it smeared all down her leg in the next frame.10)

Another important video from the event was taken by someone who obviously wasn't a player, because she wouldn't have shared the video with RT (Russia Today) television, if she were. It shows all kinds of shenanigans going on with a lot of different players who were not in victim roles; (supporting cast, if you will.)

There are a number of responders who, in media interviews, described how they went from one person to the next dealing with the horror of stacked bodies upon stacked bodies, and the like. The problem with their stories is that what they said is shown to be untrue.

Perhaps the most disconcerting of all the anomalies is there are women whose legs were amputated at the hospital, who appeared in pictures to not be injured to such an extent, or even, at all. Did they submit to needless amputation surgery to help sell this?

I know the victims got a lot of money, but even in the worst parts of my life, times I was scrambling for my next meal and was an inch away from being homeless, I never would have allowed even a finger to be lopped off for millions of dollars - (I mean Federal Reserve notes), let alone a limb or two.

Another bizarre element to this tale is the reactions of the victims, especially the amputees. If you saw the out of place reactions of the Sandy Hook parents who were smiling and stoic when talking about their just-murdered little children, it's a similar deal with the Boston Marathon amputees.

Experts tell us that losing a limb is one of the most devastating experiences a person can go through. There are actual similarities to losing a loved one. There is grief and mourning, and sometimes anger and denial. It's a big fuckin' deal, (to borrow a phrase from Joe Biden.)

But don't tell that to the amputees of the Boston Marathon. To them, it's another day at the office. Easy come, easy go. No use crying over spilled milk. You win some, you lose your legs; whatever, Que Sera Sera.

In interview after interview, to a person, they were outrageously well adjusted, within mere days of such a monumental personal tragedy. They got several of the women amputees together for one of the TV network magazine type shows, and there were laughs, smiles and great times to be had by all. There was not an ounce of anger or bitterness or melancholy or confusion or “why me?” to be found.

If only one of the victims reacted so well, it would have been amazing, but for all of them share in that state of grace? What are the odds? And they don't just heal emotionally quick, either. Their physical recovery is off the charts.

I'm able to come up with one thing that would not only explain the incredible, and incredibly quick acceptance of their loss of limbs, but also the choice to have limbs amputated that weren't medically necessitated. It's disassociative identity mind control.

The Nazis perfected Manchurian Candidate style mind control during World War 2. If you haven't seen that movie, (the Manchurian Candidate) either the original with Frank Sinatra or the remake, you really should because it's based on actual mind control research.

It's possible to have people do things they wouldn't do in a million years under normal conditions, by creating clean slates in their minds, and attaching a new identity or personality to it that you can easily trigger with a certain cue. Once the deed has been done they can be triggered back to their regular personality and state of being, none the wiser.

In trauma based mind control, people are exposed to horrific situations, like the killing of babies. In order to cope, their minds disassociate and block the memory from themselves. However, when this is done, a new self is mentally created, each time.

Hence, a single person can have scores of identities that are separate from all the others, including the original person. Each identity can be instructed to carry out orders that are against her personal moral code. A lot of assassins are created this way.

Getting someone to accept the amputation of her own leg, even when it wasn't needed, is likely to be no harder than getting her to kill someone. There is a lot of literature on this topic from not only people who have been involved in doing the mind control, but from people who have been victims of this heinousness.

A number of government mind controlled, spy/sex slave victims have actually been able to break their programming. After so many years, it is hard for the mind to maintain all the separate identities. Memories and experiences begin to bleed through, causing intense distress and fear in the victim, as you might imagine. The two most well known government mind control sex slaves, Cathy O'Brien11) and Brice Taylor,12) broke free of their programming in the 1990s.

The question has to be asked why these victims have been allowed to live. Potential answers range from Divine Intervention to the possibility that these dark agents who do such despicable acts to innocent people are ready to let the public know the depths of their depravity.

They would likely gauge the percentage of people who believe these mind control victims, as well as keep tabs on them. Perhaps it's a sign that they intend to be stepping up the more gnarly parts of their plan for us chattel. Their stated goal is 90% population reduction.13)

Yet another answer is they don't care because they know the mainstream media will ignore the fantastic tales the victims report, and that most of the public will dismiss them as nuts. The lives these women have endured since the age of toddlers is so, out there, their stories can unwittingly serve to keep people from believing in things like ritual abuse and the shadow government.14)

When people say that 911 or faking the moon mission would have taken too many people to keep a secret this long, they are not cognizant of not only the compartmentalization of tasks, which allow a lot of people to take part in an event without really seeing the big picture, but they also are totally ignorant of the compartmentalization of human minds, that allows people to take part in something and not even know it on a conscious level.

[They are also missing the point that they would kill a large percentage of people who knew too much, which would help keep in check the ones they don't kill. Lots of 911 survivors died in the next few ensuing years, just like with the JFK witnesses. Look what happened to Seal Team 6… More on that a little later.]

Many insiders to the world of satanic rituals, which is the environment where the government gets and starts training most of their future mind control slaves, are confirming so much of the data from the aforementioned spy/sex slaves. They say that many of the most famous entertainers are mind controlled, as well as a number of politicians, and this has been the case since the 60s, or earlier.

I don't know for a fact that the Boston victims are mind controlled, but it would answer a number of mysteries. It also makes sense that a lot of the people involved in Sandy Hook are also mind controlled. Newtown, Connecticut, of which Sandy Hook is a part of, is known as a Satanic hub.15) 16)

Many people who study satanic ritual abuse say that the number of victims are in the millions in the United States alone. Others say it's “only” in the hundreds of thousands. The numbers, to be sure, are staggering, and to nearly everyone who has not yet read up on the topic, it beggars belief.

When a person decides to start researching the available information, though, they usually – not always, but usually – get to the shocking point where they can no longer deny that there is, at least, something to it. Most people don't want to believe it, so they keep away from the evidence.

Out of sight, out of mind, at least until they have a child who starts telling horrific stories about activities she is made to take part in outside the home. For many parents, that is what motivated them to start looking at the preponderance of evidence that this stuff is real.

Ritual abuse of children is not only real, it ties in with the ubiquitous mass shootings and stabbings we are being subjected to. Just do some Internet searches on the history of mind control in the intelligence agencies of the US, for starters.

If you do so, with even a modicum of an open mind, you will soon enough begin to realize that the people in charge of our country and our world are psychotic, sociopathic individuals. Most of them have also been subject to various aspects of mind control themselves.

It's natural to react to this with emotions of wanting to harm or kill anyone who would do such things to people, especially children, but that would just make things worse. That's exactly the kind of energy that creates the spiritual space to allow for the kind of world we find ourselves living in.

The goal is to stop these people; not to get revenge or become like them. Doing to them what they have done to so many children and other innocent people will not move us out of our nightmare. We need to wake up and help those around us to do the same.

Once you are awakened, you can see things that are obvious, that you formerly could not even fathom. A number of people you once thought were out of their minds, you will begin to realize are sane and are on the path to the solution.

You'll be able to look at the evidence from false flag events like the Boston Marathon smoke bombs, and be able to see through the facade the corporate media spews out. Watching the news will never be the same again. You'll realize what a non stop brainwashing operation it is.

For example, most people believe that the government presented the public with proof that the Tsarnaev brothers are the bombers. You may very well be one of these misinformed people. The fact is, the media only told us that the government had evidence, including photographs of the brothers leaving backpacks at the scenes of the bombs.

Many people believe they actually saw those photographs. In fact, the photos were never forthcoming. The FBI simply told us they have them. Why in the world would they withhold them? It's starting to smell a lot like Sandy Hook all of a sudden where the simplest elements that could be made public to help support the official narrative, are keep secret for no explicable reason.

The standard line for the government to withhold data is to say it's a matter of so-called national security. That's almost always a code phrase for outrageously evil, criminal activity. In the Boston Marathon case, though, no reason is given for not showing the pictures that allegedly prove the people they blamed it on are, in fact, guilty.

There are pictures of one of them with a white backpack on. Of course, a lot of people wore backpacks, but interestedly, the picture of the shredded backpack we were told held the pressure cooker, is black, which, the last time I checked, doesn't look anything remotely close to white. I might go so far as to suggest they appear to be opposites, but that's how I roll. I”m controversial and willing to go out on a limb.

Actually, there are photos of one of the contracted security personnel in khaki slacks, wearing a backpack that had the same white square on the top that the shredded backpack we were told held one of the pressure cookers. There's also a photo of the same guy without the backpack. This video shows some good images of those guys, all wearing the same uniform. They have hearing devices in their ears and some are holding some kind of device in their hands. They were near the blast zone, but moved across the street shortly before the device went off.

When those pictures appeared online, the FBI said in a press conference, don't look online for evidence. They have all the evidence, so only look to them. (Yet, they never showed the evidence they swear they have.) When someone asked about the drill announcements that were made the morning of the marathon, there response was, “Next question.” (More a drills in a few paragraphs.)

Do you suppose that they are saving the photo evidence for the trial of Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, the brother they didn't torture to death? (Yes, that differs from the official story, which says the Dzhokhar ran over and killed Tamerlan in his effort to get away from the cops, but it flies in the face of video footage showing a naked Tamerlan being put into the police car. Graphic photos of his corpse, released by the police, show a giant gape in his side. They obviously had some 'fun' with him before they snuffed him.)

Well, guess what? The Dzhokhar Tsarnaev's trial is secret. You know how important national security is to the workings of the government. It's all about keeping the people safe from harm, don't you know? Of course the photo evidence that know one has been allowed to see, including the governor of Massachusetts,17) will be presented at the secret but perfectly fair trial.

Why would you even wonder about that? It goes without saying. Don't tell me you are one of these people who had a problem with the media, in tandem, calling the Tsarnaev's, the bombers, rather than, the accused bombers.

Once the government tells us they have their men, that's all there is to it. You must be one of those dangerous constitutionalists that Homeland Security keeps warning us about. Just so you know, I'm keeping an eye on you. If I see something, I'll say something. If I hear you start talking about the founding fathers, I'm definitely calling the hotline to the nearest threat fusion center.

One of the things that the Boston case had in common with a number of other terror events, including but certainly not limited to 911, the UK 7-7 bombings and Sandy Hook, is there were drills scheduled nearby on the same day.

Heck, in the case of Boston, the drill was not just nearby; it was right there. People who were at the starting line reported verbal announcement on PA systems stating that a drill was underway, and not to panic about anything. State run media chose to ignore that, as if it never happened. There were also eyewitness accounts of bomb sniffing dogs.

If you ever come across a disaster drill of any kind, run, do not walk, as fast as you can away from it. There is a real possibility that the drill will, 'go live,' and the very thing they are preparing for will actually start happening.

When the alternative media started investigating the Tsnaraevs, they discovered that they were involved in CIA backed group in areas around Russia that were formed to create discontent among the populations of various former Soviet countries that are allied with the Russians. The goal is to make them enemies, as they have done between Russia and Ukraine.18)

This information of the Tsarnaev's CIA and FBI alliance was presented to the world by the alternative (real) media, at which point the FBI wasted no time at all, categorically denying it. Then the Russian government got in the act and said something to the effect of, “Beg your pardon?”

Russian officials reminded the FBI and CIA that they have complained to them about all the travel back and forth that the brothers did, visiting anti Russia groups in the surrounding region.

The response from the FBI was something along the lines of, “Oh yeah. We completely forgot. OK, yeah, we have dealt with them in the past, but no, we were not working with them on this terrible bombing event.”

Of course, if the corporate media were the real media, this would have been the story. The storyline would have been that United State intelligence agencies have a history of working together with the alleged bombers.

However, since the media are only there to parrot the official story, they barely reported on the periphery of that. They spun it to say that intelligence officials had, years ago, questioned them as potential trouble makers, basically. The media accepted that completely and also failed to mention how even that storyline, completely contradicted the original denial of never having the Tsarnaevs on their radar.

Getting back to the topic of alter personalities created via mind control, the Boston Globe reported, after a five month investigation, the older Tsarnaev brother, Tamerlan, told a friend that Tsarnaev thought he might have been through the alter personality creation process, that he referred to as majestic mind control. He said he felt like he may have an alter personality that is trying to control him. 19) 20) 21) 22) 23) 24) 25) If he was, in fact, correct, that might make one think that perhaps he actually did it, without knowing, controlled by one spy agency or another.

The problem with that, though, is the complete lack of evidence presented that he is guilty. When we are told there are photos that prove it, yet no one has seen the photos, and the only backpack between the brothers we've seen is white, when the bombs were in black backpacks, the evidence tends to lean in the direction that he was a patsy.

All indications, stemming from interviews with family members and friends, are that both brothers loved the United States. They must have felt honored that intelligence agencies considered them as assets to stir up trouble for Russia against it's neighbors. They likely had no idea something was planned,26) and chances are, when the smoke bombs went off, they too, like the rest of us, thought they were real.

When they heard they were being blamed, it must have felt like the ultimate betrayal. There is probably a morality lesson here: Don't get involved in cloak and dagger operations. Even if you think the United States must have a viable reason to foment discontent against Russia, just say no.

It's dishonorable to go into countries and create problems and blame it on some country that had nothing to do the problems you created. (That is what the CIA specializes in, among other things.) Just try your best to be honorable.

If you ever get asked to forge a POTUS27) birth certificate, you should turn it down. It's not only dishonorable; it would put you in the position of knowing too much. Of course, just being asked, would be an indication you are already in such a position, and your safety is at issue.

Think of the Navy seals who took part on the fake raid to kill Bin Laden (an impossible task, since he had died years prior).28) They were in a position of knowing too much. Of course, Seals take part in plenty of honorable missions. The problem is the government has them do dishonorable ones.29)

If you think it was just a coincidence that shortly after that raid there was a helicopter crash that killed that Seal team, you're definitely missing the point. But again, I digress.

Here's a fun factoid for you: The Tsarnaev brothers have an Uncle who was married to the daughter of a top CIA officer in Chechnya, the country where the brothers grew up, and travel back to rather frequently. Somehow that didn't make it on the network news. The official story believers, when confronted with this fact, tend to talk about it's a small world.

Perhaps it is a coincidence, but it's disingenuous to not be open to the possibility that perhaps it's something else. It also may not be a coincidence. It's certainly suspicious. It's also telling that the corporate (state run) media chose to not report it.

It reminds me (although not as dramatically) of the case of President Reagan's would-be assassin, being a friend of the Bush family. In fact, Hinkley's brother was going to have dinner that very night with Vice President Bush's son, Neil, but they had to call off the dinner party, as I'm sure the conversation may have been awkward. Again, I know all manner of coincidences happen. I have experienced plenty of them in my own life, but it's irresponsible to brush such a connection under the rug without investigating it.

That is what the state run, phony media did with the Bush-Hinkley story. The Associated Press story was run once in a Houston newspaper, and then never heard from again. How could that possibly be? In an country where media are truly the fourth estate, every journalist, newspaper, news radio and TV news operation in the country would have been all over that story for days on end.

The fact that nobody learned of this, until some alternative news site got wind of it years later – and even then, corporate media didn't touch it, is proof beyond the shadow of doubt, that the media conspire with each other regarding what and how they report and what they don't report. It could never happen in a free country.

The only bigger example of that, that I can think of is World Trade Center tower 7. It's hard to fathom that most people in the US did not know a third tower fell until years later. With the kind of wall to wall coverage we were bombarded with, the only way the media could have not reported that is if some authority over the media labeled it off limits.

It still boggles my mind to this day to think that not one of the network news programs thought that a third tower falling on 9/11/2001 was newsworthy. Did a single reporter, writer, producer, director or teleprompter reader talking head, quit in disgust? I sure haven't heard of any. That is the level of sell out that has become of the entire news staffs of the American media.

The censoring of the tower 7 news on a national level – (they couldn't hide it locally) – in and of itself, should be enough for every 911 true believer to be able to admit to herself that something is rotten in the state the nation.

I don't know how a single true believer in the official version of 911, when she found out, years after the fact, that a third tower had come down that day, did not change her opinion regarding no chance of foul play. It's is telling of the level of collective, mass mind control and denial, that people could not connect those dots. But, I digress.

Another anomaly related to the Boston Marathon event that should make anybody, true believer or otherwise, sit up and take notice has to do with the way the FBI executed a friend of the Tsarnaevs, months after the bombing. He was never arrested, and even accused of being involved with the bombing, yet they killed him in cold blood.

This act was so jarring, and obviously out of place, that even Rachel Maddow, who is not merely Obama's number one apologist and cheerleader,30) but also, the number one true believer in every official narrative of every mass shooting or terror event – even she was up in arms about it, and was on record demanding to know what the real story is.

She didn't go so far as to suggest the obvious, though. The man the FBI murdered in cold blood, evidently knew too much and the FBI didn't trust him to keep quiet. They must have feared he may have had some kind of evidence that might have begun to unravel the false flag if it was ever given to the alternative media.

That's speculation on my part, no doubt. It's based on the fact that the powers that be don't assassinate every person who merely blows the whistle by way of alternative media. It's one thing to say you know something, but another if you can provide evidence. I go into more detail here: Pigs Spotted Flying As Rachel Maddow Questions Aspects Of Boston Bombing. You can view the Maddow video here.

This is another video that I highly recommend. The creator, imo, makes a solid point in the first minute and a half, or so. He mentions there were supposed to be about 250 people injured. In the pictures of the main “explosion” area (near the finish line), there just aren't that many people; not even close.

I've seen far fewer photos of the secondary “bombsite,” but enough to see that it's a lot smaller. If difficult to fathom that between two and three hundred people were treated at 27 hospitals and clinics when the photographic evidence shows there were anyone close to the many people in the area.

The supposed shrapnel did not get into the street and mow down the runners. We know that because there are videos of the flash bang bomb and, with the exception of one old guy who was probably frightened by the noise and fell down, the runners keep on running to the finish line.

At about the 90 second mark of this same video there is one of the single greatest smoking guns to this entire production. There are some actors on the ground with a cast of responders around them. There is a guy standing over them, holding two white bags. He hits them together and out comes powdered debris, landing on the actors on the ground.

I've seen that in other videos that didn't cut away quickly, like this video does, and not a single person at any point approaches the guy for putting dirt, powder or whatever it was, all over the poor victims. (Talk about kicking someone when they're down! If this thing were on the level, Boston cops would have had that dude prone and cuffed in 30 seconds. Cops are all around, but nobody flinches. It's as if it's the most natural thing in the world. Boston Strong? More like Boston Strange. At this point, you can fast forward to the eight minute mark of the video, since the content in the interim isn't that good.

At the eight minute mark, it shows a clip from a CNN interview of a bystander at the marathon. Then it and cuts to (what certainly appears to be her) being interviewed by CNN at the scene of some other similar type event. The odds of the same person being interviewed by the same network at two different terror scenes are extremely slim.

Heck, even the odds of two people who happen to look exactly alike at two different big crime events being interviewed for television would be a rather amazing coincidence. I read where someone said the voices don't sound the same, but one is outside with a lot of commotion and the other is inside.

The voices are not nearly different enough to say that's not the same person. If I had to put a percentage on it, my opinion is 90 to 95 percent, that is indeed the same individual. What do you think?

Then, just past the nine minute mark it shows an older couple in the melee of the finish line smoke (flash/bang) bomb. You can see her on the ground in the midst of others also on the ground. Her face and left hand is blood free, but later images show her in a wheelchair, and her left hand looks like something you might see on a humanoid alien species in a science fiction movie. (Be sure to put the video on full screen.) It looks like it's made of raw hamburger with two blue tumors on top.

The left side of her face appears as if Freddy Crueger did a number on her. She seems to have numerous gouges. The ones on her cheek seem to be really deep, even though we don't see a good anqle. There are other gouges above her eye, below her nose and on her chin.

Next to the woman, when she is blood free and on the ground, is another guy with pants shredded the hell up. They look almost completely gone in the front. In the back, some of the material hangs down, but overall, as the frame by frame photos show, he gets up and turns around so that you get to see most of his leg skin.

It's totally flawless. He should be a model for some kind of moisturizing cream. Yeah, it would be deceitful, but I get the feeling he wouldn't turn down the paycheck.

The magic shrapnel strikes again. Interesting, after getting up and turning around, he sits down again. Perhaps he got a signal that it wasn't his time to go on display yet.

Starting at the ten and three quarters mark, the video shows images of two heavyset women with black hair. One wears a big brown coat. The other wears a big black coat. They begin on the street side of the brown slatted fence. Once people are able to breach the fence so they can get into the bombsite, they enter.

They go to an area where they are some railings and start pointing. One of them seems like she could be pointing at the camera, as if she spotted it. (That's speculative, though.)

Later, we see the brown coated woman holding the black coat that is likely the coat the other woman was wearing. We see a woman who looks like the one who wore the black coat, being wheeled on a stretcher, wearing a purple shirt.

The video annotations calls them sisters. They very well may have been identified and featured in news stories, but I don't know that offhand, so perhaps it's just the video creator's speculation. However it very much appears to be the woman in the black coat on the stretcher, who we know was in the street area when the boom happened – and the other woman holding the black coat, virtually seals the deal.

There is even is a video clip of her being wheeled away. It looks like she is grimacing in pain. Her legs are covered with a blanket. How ironic, when you consider Bauman didn't get a stretcher, didn't get a blanket, and showed no signs of pain.

Here's an awesome video that shows the heavyset women. Indeed, they are sisters. You really get to see what they are up to, as well as a number of other cast members.

At this point, let's take another look at the older woman in red, because it provides more detail, and then at the end of the video is another jaw dropping smoking gun. The woman's name is Mary Jo White and that is her husband next to her, also in red.

I only recommend watching the first minute and then from nine minutes to about ten and a half minutes. The rest deals with what we've already covered, plus some things regarding Mr. White that the video creator says is clearly shown, but I sure can't make out.

There are two things (besides Mary Jo) I think are extremely important in the video. The first minute shows a guy the video identifies as her son, Kevin White. The annotation tells us this is after the explosions. The shot shows him walking very normally toward the camera, as he shields his face with his hand as soon as he spots the camera.

We read that he was walking away from the scene at the time, but that he turned around and walked back toward it. Then it cuts to another shot taken later. He is in a wheelchair, playing a victim.

The face shot from the video (before he fully blocks it) is blurry, but it looks like the guy in the wheelchair. The way we can verify it is the same person is his shirt is an exact match. The color, the collar, and a white strip above the shirt pocket.

At about the 10:40 mark, the video shows their family donation page when it was at $85,000. The 'victims' all got money from a special fund that was created and paid out in record time, so that 85 Large was likely chump change, in comparison to their One Fund payday.31)

Then after the nine minute mark is something crucial. There are interviews with a doctor who was on staff at one of the hospitals and a nurse. The doctor tells how law enforcement was with the patients and they didn't let them even wash the wounds because they weren't allowed to destroy evidence. I kid you not.32)

The nurse talked about how protocol wasn't followed regarding evaluating the severity of the injuries. In her ER they were not allowed to give the 'victims' a CAT scan or any other diagnostic testing.

She said they skipped the first two triages, which are tiers of patient priority. The first is patients who aren't badly hurt. The second is more serious injuries than the first. The third are severe cases that could lose their live if they don't get immediate medical trauma care.

In disasters they have tarps color coded for each tier, and patients are placed on the appropriate mat. There is a fourth tier color mat. It's for those who have died.

At Sandy Hook, they also went against protocol and never laid out the triage mats. If they were to have done that, it would have been way on down the road at the fire station where they were forced to park.

The nurse in this video said that they skipped the first and second triage parts and the patients went straight to the O.R. She said, the stall was, “just told” – by whom she did not mention – the patient's name, gender and ordered to amputate.

The video creator didn't seem to fully get what was being said. S/he mentions that the injuries and fake and could not be exposed to the staff because there was money to be collected for these people, but there is no reaction to the point that the patients went straight to the O.R. for amputation.

The nurse tells it in a manner that gets me to presume that she took part in the amputations; that they really took place. Yet the video maker understands the injuries were fake, but he doesn't seem to connect that dot to the point of realizing that means that needless amputations took place.

I had been holding out hope that they were primarily using existing amputees, like Bauman. Now it's seeming as if Bauman might have been the only one already with missing legs. It's sad and sick to think of actors being turned into victims in the operating room. It's no less so, just because they received 1.2 to 2.2 million per amputee actor.

Now that I think about it, though, I'm sure lots of people would willingly cut a limb off for a million dollars. It's just so foreign to me, I can't personally imagine it.

I wonder if the doctors and nurses have figured out how outrageous it is to have law enforcement take control of the ER and not allow them to clean or diagnose their most severe trauma patients, but instead, told them what and where to amputate.

Someone needs to get more details. Let's prayer for the safety of all the doctors and nurses involved.

What I want to know is, how does anybody hear those interviews with that doctor and nurse, come away thinking everything about that event is copasetic? There are so many anomalies to this story, any one of which should alert a thinking person that something is terribly, terribly off; and yet masses of people are not only adamant that the official narrative is spot on, but that those of us who try to point out that things are drastically off kilter, get accused of being disrespectful, stupid and mentally ill.

It speaks to the level of mass mind control programming that people are under as well as their level of denial. It's called being up against your cognitive dissonance. The facts don't fit your beliefs, so you ignore the facts because you don't want your belief system to shatter.

Lastly (in terms of video recommendations), you may find this interesting. As intriguing as is the footage from the marathon, the longer commentary by the maker, after it, is even more insightful. Just after the explosion, a woman in a lime green shirt who had ran by where smoke bang bomb went off, tosses something in her hand, backwards, in a Lebron James no look pass style..

The old man I mentioned earlier in this article as the only person I saw fall down, actually reaches out and catches it, as he is stumbling, as part of the fall. The fall, actually looks rather staged, but it's incredibly bizarre that the woman tosses an object and he catches it, before he fully 'falls' to the ground.

The speculation is that the object is a detonator. Either she manually pushes a button, or it automatically goes off when she gets within so many feet. As to why she would pass it off, I can only say I'm not sure, but it is very spy like, at least in the movies, where someone passes a note to someone who walks away and passes it to someone coming from the other direction, who passes it to someone else from a different direction, etc.

You'd think, why couldn't she just put it in her pocket to dispose of later? Perhaps it was done just in case some law enforcement or intelligence agent who wasn't in on the plan might have suspected her of no good, and when the explosion happened it might cause the agent to detain her for questioning. Thus, getting rid of it would prevent her from being caught with the evidence? Who knows?

Perhaps it's a kind of joke by the perpetrators, just to get us wondering. It's definitely bizarre and intriguing, though. That's for sure. It's worth watching, especially for the insights that come after the footage.

Closing Thoughts:

I know I dealt with a lot more than the marathon false flag psyop hoax in this essay. I did that because we don't get the full picture when we look at each one of these in a vacuum. It's important to see the modus operandi and the history of how these people work.

As far as what we can do about these type of events, the first thing is we have to recognize them for what they are. Then we need to help others get to that point. Then, with pseudo apologies to my atheist dupes for daring to offend you folks; we should pray.

There is undeniable power in prayer.33) Studies have shown that to be true. In terms of healing illness or wounds, prayer has proven to work in many studies. It goes beyond placebo, which is powerful and wonderful in itself.

Studies have been done where there are two groups of patients. The members in one group are prayed for, without their knowledge, and the members of the other group are not prayed for. The group that is prayed for heals faster and has less complications. Prayer can work for a lot more than healing our bodies.

[There have been studies where prayer was not shown to be a factor, or actually a hindrance. From what I've seen, those are the ones where they tell the patients they are being prayed for. I don't see the purpose in that. If prayer has power, the patient doesn't have to know she's being prayed for. Tell her she's being prayed for as part of a scientific study gives her mind body connection a chance to skew results one way or the other. That's just faulty protocol, if you ask me.]

Prayer is more powerful when we work on ourselves and, when possible and appropriate, let those we've harmed or hurt know we are sorry – as well as getting right with our Higher Power, by whatever name you wish to refer to Him/Her/It as. (If you've never done anything hurtful to anyone, then that's great. Most of us have, at least, hurt the feelings of people that was of our own doing and not of them being thin skinned.) 34)

The Transcendental Meditation people have proven the power of meditation, which we all should be doing as well.35) It is said that prayer is talking to God and meditation is listening to God. What has been dubbed The Maharishi Effect has shown that when one percent of people are in a town or city, practice TM, the crime rate decreases on average, by 16%.36)

I remember when syndicated overnight talk show host, Art Bell, did a number of weather experiments with his audience of millions in the 90s. He would suggest that we would concentrate on rain in a certain region that needed rain. Each time we did it, there was a lot of rain in pretty short order.

After a few times he quit experimenting. It freaked him out. He felt that perhaps harm could come if too much rain were to happen, and he didn't want to take on that accountability in his conscience.

I recall in 1993 when Ricard Gere received such massive condemnation when he appeared as a presenter on the broadcast of the Academy Awards ceremonies.37) He said that the power of the human mind is massive and when you have a lot of minds dwelling on the same thing, incredible results can happen. Since there were a billion or more viewers, he suggested viewers send out loving, peaceful thoughts to the leader of China so that the people of Tibet as well as the Chinese population could live as free people.

The reaction he got was visceral, toxic and immediate. You would have thought he was asking for riots in the streets or mass suicide. He was torn to shreds. I think it was, in large part, because the powers that be didn't want humanity understanding our true power, and they orchestrated a campaign of humiliation to ensure that he or others wouldn't ever try anything like that again.

Anyway, we should still our minds, meditate and listen our Higher Power. We should also learn to listen to each other better. We should network with like minded individuals who want to be part of the solution. Honing our listening skills will come in handy for that.

Collectively, we need to be accountable for allowing this to happen. Sure, it's been many thousands of years in the making, but as humans, we need to admit we allowed this to happen and to keep happening.

We've clouded our vision with partisanship. We've been tribal38) to a fault – a major fault! We've been focused on less important matters.39) We've shirked our responsibility to ourselves, and to future generations.

We need to start showing respect for others and not calling people names online (or in person) just because they view things differently.

We need to act locally and make things better in our neighborhood and community.

We should be open to inspiration and guidance, and do something every day to be part of the solution. Whatever degree we can right the wrongs of this world before it's our time to check out, we need to focus on that, and be satisfied that we are awake and trying.

We need to learn to forgive. It is so incredibly easy to get stuck in hating people who are perpetuating the pain and bullshit, but the hatred is what they want. It prevents us from finding the real solution,40) and it feeds the dark spirits who control those people.41)

If we can't forgive the people in our daily lives, even when they don't ask for it and might not even deserve it, how will we ever be able to forgive the unconscionables? You can forgive someone and also choose get them out of your life, by the way.

We need to be open to amnesty in various instances, as opposed to always seeking justice. If amnesty can bring an end to the nightmare, why would we insist on justice, if that would only perpetuate it?

Justice is part of the big picture that goes beyond this physical lifetime, and our pay grade. God will take care of justice.

I feel that living life in the manner I've described above (and I'm not saying I“m there yet, in case you're thinking I was insinuating that) – can not only give life meaning in the now, it can help with whatever comes next.

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I heard a report on the radio where in some town, the cops were going after a suspected truck thief. Probably inspired by the Boston psyop, they went to the suspect's trailer park with SWAT teams, and blocked all the entrances/exits in the middle of the night. They made announcements on their PA systems demanding all residents stay in. They shined lights in random homes, even though the suspect was only in her own home. She tried to run and they shot her in the back. Then there is the story in Miami Beach where there was an alleged cop killer who was in a car with somebody else. Dozens of cops fired hundreds of live rounds of ammunition, obviously killing both occupants, while putting the lives of many residents in grave danger as bullets flew into their windows. It's becoming the norm for cops to just execute suspects, and even people suspects are with, while endangering the public. Miami Beach has a history of that level of psychotic behavior, so they probably didn't get inspiration from the Boston psyop, but the trailer park SWAT raid may have been a result of it. We can expect to see continuing instances of law enforcement enacting martial law, as a direct result of being able to get away with it with no blow back whatsoever in the marathon case.
The stories kept changing. First no survivors. Then one survivor. Later, two.
For instance, I read a review of Brice Taylor's, Thanks For The Memories, in which the reviewer believed it had to be misinformation because Taylor had sex with several presidents and foreign leaders and major celebrities. It just seemed to outrageous to fathom. The reviewer went on to say that the purpose of the book is to get people to throw the proverbial baby out with the metaphorical bathwater, and not believe such information as the abuse of teenagers from Boys Town in Nebraska, who were used as prostitutes for elites and wannabe elites in Washington DC, as detailed in the book, The Franklin Coverup, by John Decamp. Interestingly, most people are not ready to believe that information either, despite the fact that it is thoroughly documented. The Taylor book reviewer had no problems accepting the intense and horrific information in Franklin, but was not able to accept what Taylor has to say. David Icke gets the same accusations of being a misinformation artist for the powers that be, since he speaks of other dimensional entities who control the elite cabal members. He also documents the ritual abuse. People who can't accept the spiritual data Icke talks about, are more easily able to not believe anything he says. That's a shame because the solutions to the mess we find ourselves in are likely to be predominately found in the spirit/energetic realms. For instance, Alex Jones displays tremendous anger over what is going on, but Icke says that the law of attraction is real, and putting out negative, hatred based energy will actually attract more of that kind of energy to us. (This is not to say there is never a place for anger, but dwelling on it until it become hate and then working from that as an energy source is self defeating.)
Yes, it's speculation to say they probably didn't know something was planned, and that they were there on orders, completely unaware of why they were ordered to be there. Perhaps they knew something was going to happen, and they believed that whatever it was, the government knew what is was doing and it was for the greater good. Until we get evidence to the contrary, that speculation is likely to be much more accurate than accepting that they are the culprits of death and maiming, especially since the bombs were apparently smoke and bang bombs only.
President of the United States
Speaking of which, Ms. Maddow was a high school cheerleader. There is a photo of her in her cheer outfit looking very feminine, and beautiful, but I digress.
I wish we could have seen the rest. I mean what happened to the patients? If they couldn't wash them, they must not have been allowed them to touch them. What did the doctor think of that? I'd of loved to hear his thoughts.
That kind of prayer is similar to the Hawaiian healing & reconciliation technique, Hoʻoponopono, which repeats the phrases, I Love You, I'm Sorry, Please Forgive Me, Thank You.
I use brainwave entrainment audio tracks to easily force my brain to create meditation brainwave patterns. There are a ton of them on YouTube. Be sure to use ear phones unless the instructions say they aren't needed.

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