The Happy Wanderer 2 Episode 6

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The Happy Wanderer is the sixth episode from the second season of The Sopranos.

Episode Recap


Run In With an Old Friend

Tony attends a college workshop with Meadow and runs into an old friend from high school, David Scatino. David (sometimes called Davey) is also friends with Arthur (Artie) Bucco. David owns Ramsey Sports and Outdoors, a local sporting goods store. David, knowing Tony’s reputation and using their friendship as a foot in the door, asks Tony if he can play in the “Executive Game”. The Executive Game is a high stakes poker game that was established by Tony’s father and Uncle Junior. Tony declines Davey’s request telling him he lacks the capital to sit in on such a game. Davey, intent on playing in a high stakes game, joins in Richie Aprile’s poker game and loses. After falling behind on payments Richie warns him that missing payments will have dire consequences and bans him from future games until the debt is paid.

Gary Cooper and The Happy Wanderers

At Tony’s therapy session with Dr. Melfi, Tony tells the doctor that he is becoming angry with everything. Tony cites the “happy wanderers” as a target of his resentment and anger. The happy wanderers, he explains, are people walking down the street with a smile and not a care in the world. He dislikes these people because he is jealous they have something he cannot seem to achieve, a clear head. Even though Tony’s life is going well, he cannot seem to avoid depression and anger. Tony also directs some of his anger at Dr. Melfi herself, citing that therapy is encouraging him to think of himself as a victim. Being victimized makes Tony feel weak and he wishes to internalize his problems and remain strong and silent like one of his idols, Gary Cooper. Tony also reveals that Uncle Junior confessed that Tony had another Uncle who was mentally disabled and sent away to a state home as his mother could not care for him.

The Executive Game

Furio Giunta has arraigned for the game to take place at the Teittleman Motel. Hillel Teittleman complains about the criminal element they have brought into the hotel but Furio reminds him that the Hasidim enjoy the services of the mobs prostitutes. At the card game, the players include Frank Sinatra Jr, Johnny Sack, Silvio (Sil) Dante and Dr. Ira Fried (mob doctor and erectile dysfunction specialist). Tony is surprised and slightly annoyed hen Davey Scatino shows up and wants to join (against the advice Tony previously gave him) but ultimately allows him to play. Initially Davey wins a hand but his luck changes as the night progresses. By dawn, Davey owes $45,000 to Tony. Richie Aprile arrives at the hotel room and attacks Davey, upset that he dare sit in on another poker game while still owing Richie money. Tony breaks up the fight and takes Richie outside. Richie tries to explain to Tony that Davey owes him $8,000 but Tony is upset at Richie for causing a scene during his Executive Game. As punishment he tells Richie that Davey will pay his debt to him first then settle up with Richie. Additionally, Richie cannot charge Davey points on his payment until the debt to Tony.


Davey fails to come up with the payment for Tony. He turns to Artie Bucco for a loan, but Artie turns him down when he learns how much Davey is asking for ($20,000). He tells Davey that Vesuvio is in need of a new roof and that cash is tight. In an act of desperation, Davey accuses his son of “off-roading” and takes his truck away. He then gives the truck (a Nissan Pathfinder) to Tony as partial payment. Tony gives the truck to Meadow, who needed a new car, but she refuses it after realizing it once belonged to her school friend, Eric. At the school play that evening, Eric demands that Meadow make her father give back his truck. Meadow tells Eric she can’t make her father do anything. She also suggests that her father isn’t the only one to blame and that Eric’s father Davey should be held at least partially responsible. Eric can’t accept this and drops out of the performance minutes before curtain call.

Special Occurrences

Tom Giglione Sr, Tony’s brother-in-laws father, fell off a roof installing a satellite dish and died. He was one day into his retirement. The first appearance of Vito Spatafore, Richie Aprile’s nephew. The first appearance of David Scatino, Tony and Artie Bucco’s friend from high school. He has a gambling problem.


Eric comes to pick up Meadow and “Down” by Stone Temple Pilots is playing. The Duet that Etic and Meadow were going to sing in the school musical was “Sun and Moon” from Miss Saigon Tequila Sunrise by The Eagles is playing when Tony goes to collect his debt from Davey Scatino


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