Third Marriage

I am a palmist, though not a professional one. I learned palmistry just out of curiosity. To tell the truth it was my childhood event that compelled me to learn this fascinating subject. I read books, articles, whenever I could get my hands on them. In our society, palmistry is not considered a worthwhile subject to be pursued as profession.

One time when our whole family was sitting on the table. The conversation turned on palmistry and everyone started showing off their knowledge of the subject. I participated too and as it turned out, my most of the predictions were true. Everyone considered it an incident and start making fun of me. I never read my family members palm line after that.

To tell the truth, palmistry has given me many griefs over time. How I came to know about palmistry and how this knowledge has shaped my life that is the story I want to tell you.

I live in a society where teenage girls are not allowed to go outside home after a certain age. So when I was 15 years old, my activities become restricted just to school and home.

It was a sunny day. Everyone in our home take nap after lunch. That day was no different, except I couldn’t sleep. So, I thought to sneak around in my father library (till that day I didn’t know the ABC of palmistry, mind you) when I heard doorbell. Nobody was awaking so I didn’t have any choice. As I opened the door, an old, shabby man was standing there. He looked at me and asked “Can you bring me a glass of water, sweet girl”. He wasn’t particularly ugly or frightening but instantaneously I become scared of him. I didn’t reply and turned back to go inside. But then he grabbed my hand and put his hand on my forehead and looked me in the eye. I almost shouted when he said “You are very lucky girl” and released my hand “but troubled too” he added. I was so scared that I didn’t pay any attention to what he said. As soon as he released my hand I ran to go inside, but someone was blocking my way.

It was my mother. She has really strange expression on her face. The old man saw her too. “Your girl is very lucky. She will be rich all her life. But she will marry two times” he predicted as matter of fact. My mother seemed bewildered but after moment or two she finally said “but in our family daughter marry only once. It isn’t possible. Second marriage is abomination”. The old man replied “I told your what is written in your daughter palm lines.”

He left our house without drinking water, as if he only came here to predict my future.

That prophecy remain cemented in my mind and my mother's too, as she always looked worried, whenever she looked at me. After that I became enthusiast of palmistry. Gradually I discovered that there are three major lines in every hand. Life line, head line and heart line. Then there are secondary lines as fate, money, health, travel and intuition lines. There are also mounts on hands like Saturn mount, mercury and others. Apart from that, a hand shape and type also plays an important role in predicting one’s future. A good palmist will always analyze hand lines with hand shape and type then make prediction. These prophecies are often true.

The old man’s prediction was no different. When I read my palm lines with other factors I discovered that my headline is small which shows that I am an average student. Then there is heart line which tells that I will love two men in my life. And there are two marriage lines, located beneath heart line and little finger. So, it seems that old man was right after all.

Most importantly, my heart line also shows my two weaknesses. First: my heart will always rule my mind. Second: I will talk about it later.

As I became observant of palm lines, I secretly start reading other people palm lines, kids most of the times. With this habit of mine, I realized that some palm lines are permanent and some are temporary as they appear when some event approaches. Also, some palm lines disappear over time.

When my college finished than my parents started looking for my match. My father always thought that his nephew will be best choice for me, but my mother opposed this decision. I heard their conversation one afternoon. She pointed out that my cousin was bad tempered. She also told him about my two-marriage prophecy. My father was furious. He said it was rubbish, but my mother believed on that prediction, so she begged my father. At last my father accepted to marries me with someone outside of our family.

Zolan and his family were nice people, more loving than I could ever think of. They were highly educated. Zolan was so loving that I totally forgot about my obsession with palmistry. just out of my curiosity I read Zolan’s palm line too, though he never knew that. I became satisfied to see that he doesn’t have second marriage or separation line in his hand. My mother’s strategy actually worked, I was delighted.

My parents were also very happy, especially my mother. She always considers my marriage as her personal triumph and always reminded that to my father.

After eight years of successful marriage, one day, the reckoning came which I hadn't anticipated in my wildest dreams. Zolan died in car accident. Alas, I read his marriage and heart line but I never paid attention to his life line. Zolan’s unexpected death was a disaster to our whole family, especially my mother was devastated.

But as saying goes “Every wound heals with time”. I decided to live with my in-law parents as Zolan was their only son, it seems unfair to separate them from Zolan’s Kids.

I was living quit peacefully when Mikah came in my life. He was relative of Zolan. Their relationship was suffering until Zolan's death. After him they made peace with each other.

Mikah took special interest in my kids and started to visit our house on daily basis. At first, it bothers me, but soon my in law-parents accepted him as new family member. He was a charismatic person and he made my kids happy so I accepted him too.

Soon, I realized that Mikah intention are not, what seems to be. Whenever he catch glimpse of me, he will start smiling meaningfully.I was not a naïve girl to not understand that gesture. It was so annoying that after few days I decided to confront him. “I think you should not come here now. You will start your family soon, then It will not possible for you to come here. My Kids will be heart broken then and I don't want that“. I was really concerned. Mikah didn’t seemed surprised at all. I think he sensed my skepticism days ago. He smiled at me and replied “you are right. I want to marry soon, and I have already chosen my bride.” It was a relief. I took a deep sigh and looked him in the eye in a meaningful way, but he continued”you are that girl. Since I saw you, I fall in love with you.” He said heartily.

I thought he was joking. Bewildered I saw him and said “ Don't be a nutter. You are like brother to me”. Suddenly he took my hand in his and added “I am not your brother and I understand your situation. That doesn't mean I will change my heart about you. I will marry you and only you” his words were resolute like his face.

I was furious. I tried to hit him, but he grabbed my second hand too. Now the situation complexity dawned at me. He was serious. How could He and Me?? He was 4 or 5 years younger than me and then he was unmarried. I became scared of him and he sensed my fear too.He released my both hands and left our house.

Fifteen days passed. He never came back. Though Zolan's parent and my kids were worried but I was relieved. But my happiness didn't last long.

Sixteenth day was a rainy day. As long as I can remember, I loved rain. I controlled myself to not go in rain but few hours decided otherwise and start enjoying rain in our backyard. My both kids were already asleep so I was free to enjoy some moments with myself.

Now the time has come to told you about my second weakness, which is i can't control my sexual desires. When I was enjoying rain, I became so consumed by my sexual need that I lost all my consciousness and didn't realized I was not alone anymore till it was too late.

Mikah choose that day to come in our house. I don't remember exactly what happened between us except that he carried me inside my room. At midnight, when my senses came back to me than I realized what happened between us.

Now I didn't have any choice other than marry him. After one week, our marriage took place. Though my in-law parents weren’t happy but supported me all the same.

Mikah was happy beyond imagination. I was anxious, but on wedding night, his love evaporated all my worries.

Few days passed. One night, when Mikah was asleep, I was thinking about old man’s prophecy that finally came true. I looked at him. He was handsome. Black hair, smooth skin with dark eyebrows. He will win hundreds of women heart, I admitted to myself. His arm was on his forehead and there it was, his palm lines. Though I quit palmistry many years ago but old habit do not go easily. Slowly I took his hand and looked closely at his palm lines.

He has smooth and long-life line, which was evident of his wealth and successful carrier. His heart line shows that he is a lover and beloved person too. And there it was, his marriage line.

My heart skips a beat when I saw his marriage line, which were two. Yes, he has two marriage lines. So, it means…. it means….unconsciously, I looked at my hand too and there it was! The divorce line, which has emerged in my hand just now.

The old man never said that my second marriage will last long nor that I will marry third time.

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