USA Freedom Act - Who Buys This Crap?


Written by Devtome contributor Bomac

The dirty (not so) little (not all that) secret in Washington is every day is opposite day. It's just like the George Orwell book, 1984, where government officials spoke in doublespeak, as in sayings like, war is peace.

The "Affordable" Care Act

Obamacare, officially known as the Affordable Care Act, is making the cost of health insurance skyrocket. Many people have reported double and triple the premiums along with double or triple the size of the deductible (the part of the bill that isn't covered by insurance.)1) Now, experts are saying that the cost will go up each and every year. 2) It does make sense that when you have a captive client base – forced by law to buy a product – that the corporations selling the product have the distinct upper hand.3) 4) 5)

Part of the reason the powers that shouldn't be purposefully like to mislabel legislation by 180 degrees is so that any lawmaker who votes against it can be smeared. “That Senator voted against the Affordable Care Act. She obviously doesn't want people to be able to afford health insurance.” The truth is, the accurate name for that monstrosity should have been, the Unaffordable Complete Absence Of Care Act.6)

The National Defense Authorization Act

The NDAA (National Defense Authorization Act). What could possibly be wrong about that? The nation should be authorized to defend itself, after all. Only a rabid anti-American would not be for that! Right?

The problem with the NDAA is that it allows whoever happens to be living in the White House ( which has nothing necessarily to do with who got the most votes) to be able to single-handedly wipe out any American's constitutional rights. The President can call you a terror suspect, and have you arrested by the military and put in military prison.

You don't have to be charged. You don't have to be tried before a jury of your peers. You can't call a lawyer. You can be disappeared forever. Your family will wonder what the heck got into you, inspiring you to go off forever without so much as a goodbye.

In fact, the National Defense Authorization Act allows the President to have the military execute you. Of course, as commander in chief, there is nothing to stop him from killing you himself.

Medicare Part D Reform

Medicare Part D Reform was legislation that made it illegal for the government to use its tremendous influence and buying power to negotiate better drug prices with the pharmaceutical industry. It eve prevents the government from keeping records as to how much cheaper the drug companies are selling their products in other nations.

Right To Work

Right to work states, are states that are anti-union. They would be more accurately labeled, no right to work with benefits, states.

Department Of Homeland Security

The Department of Homeland Security, which, in a stunningly unabashed and transparent fashion, stole the 'Homeland' moniker from Hitler's Germany, is mostly focused on harassing citizens, making everyone a terror suspect, while making special allowances to allow illegal aliens to fly without ID,7) and give members of the Muslim Brotherhood a pass on pat downs and other "enhanced" screenings that all Americans have to endure.8)

Homeland Security's TSA (Transportation Safety Administration) agents have insisted on taking peeks into your baby's diaper, your grandma's diaper, as well as forced people with prosthetic limbs to take them off, in line. They have even made women with nipple piercings take them out while watching them, and they routinely make mothers dump out the breast milk they had pumped out and brought with them in containers.

They take naked pictures of your whole family while dosing everybody with radiation, or they force them to submit to prisoner style pat downs that violate their right to not have their private part's molested. Yet in 95% of tests where secret shopper type (undercover) agents attempt to smuggle mock-up bombs onto flights, they are successful in doing so.9)

The “Homeland's” skies are secure, no thanks to Homeland Security, but due to the fact that the only terrorists have been working with the criminals who have taken over the key areas of the government – and those officials haven't ordered any terror attacks to be centered around commercial air flights since they took part in the false flag event on September 11, 2001.

Isn't it reassuring to realize that all the sexual molestation and dehumanization you are putting up with when you fly is totally useless, and not even designed to keep you safe?10) One can't help but wonder how long it will be before they start requiring anus and vagina cavity searches for US citizens in all airports.11)

The Patriot Act

The Patriot Act is about as unpatriotic a piece of legislation as you will ever find. It's a slap in the face of true patriots, present and past, to use that word to describe the systemic abuses of power that were made legal in one fell swoop. An entire book could be written about this legislation, so obviously, we won't be able to give the subject it's due in a few paragraphs.

Generally speaking, on multiple levels, it allowed government to do away with vast amounts of privacy rights of all citizens. This allows the government to control the citizenry.

Banking laws changed. Withdrawing several thousand dollars is now allegedly a signal that you are supporting terrorism. The government used 911 to keep better tabs on what people do with their money.

While the despicable federal and state government civil forfeiture laws were an outgrowth of Reagan's war on drugs, which have been responsible for stealing millions of dollars from private citizens never charged with a crime who were simply carrying thousands of dollars in cash, it can be safely assumed that banking provisions of the so-called Patriotic created an atmosphere that encouraged dirty law enforcement officers to step up their fleecing of the citizens.

This legislation basically gave the FBI cart blanche to get access to virtually any private records of any citizens for any whim they want. They don't even pretend to be only taking advantage of this ability to track terror suspects. It's now used for “fishing expeditions” on anybody the FBI suspects of anything, whether there is even probable cause, or not, and is obviously ripe for abuse on a personal level.

It allows FBI agents to break into any citizen's home, on “sneak and peek” missions, without the need to demonstrate any sort of justification. We would be foolish to believe that they never plant audio and video surveillance or put spyware or keylogger software into people's computers.

The FBI can talk to anyone's neighbors about the person they are surveilling. They like to do this, not so much to gather intelligence, but to make the person they are harassing (which is often a whistle-blowing, upstanding citizen, a pariah in their own neighborhood. Moreover, the FBI informs the neighbors that if they so much as mention the fact to their neighbor that the FBI was asking about her, let alone, that they had broke and entered into her home, they will be guilty of a felony.

And, of course, the Patriot Act, became the official and legal excuse, for tapping everybody's phones and tracking email and text messages and other online activity. They were already well on their way to total surveillance, on a covert level, but this unpatriotic legislation codified it and gave protection to the government for these massive crimes.

Recently, certain provisions of the Patriot Act were up for renewal, and thanks mostly to the good work and filibuster activity of Rand Paul, some of the provisions of this Act they were up for renewal, were allowed to lapse. Namely, aspects that allowed the NSA (National Security Agency) to snoop on all our phone calls and various aspects of our online activities, were no longer legal for them to take part in.

Now, if you are an adult, you are aware that this was a mere technicality and it had no actual effect on the NSA. Nothing changed. They didn't stop their snooping, but they didn't like the fact that the law was trying to rein them in.


Something had to be done, that would give them the color of law back, while attempting to bamboozle us into believing that the abusive spying on the innocent masses is a thing of the past. That's when they decided to rub our faces in it, as they say, and they came up with the term, USA Freedom Act.

Now, you would be correct if you said virtually any name they would have come up with would be pure bullshit. For instance, if they called it the, Reigning In The Patriot Act Act, it would still be a slap in the face, because that is simply the PR (public relations) surrounding the bill, but it, in fact, does no such thing.

However, the fact that they cynically simply swapped out the term, Patriot Act for USA Freedom Act, is really quite telling. They did it on purpose, as their inside joke. Okay, so the veneer is off the Patriot Act, and many people are no longer buying the implication that the only individuals who would ever oppose or even question it are unpatriotic. So be it, they say. We'll give them the USA Freedom Act, because, after all, who could possibly be against freedom in the USA. They are really spelling out how stupid they think we are. Instead of a wolf in sheep's clothing, they are trading it with a wolf in ewe's clothing. But, you say, a ewe is a sheep. Bingo. Now you're getting it! Come down and pick up your giant stuffed banana toy with a face and dreadlocks.


Hence, the subtitle of this article: Who Buys This Crap?

Now, I have zero doubt, that even if Congress were not almost entirely dirty and blackmail-able, and they were to create serious legislation specifically outlawing every provision of the Patriot Act, the NSA, and the FBI and other alphabet soup agencies would continue with business as usual. However, they prefer to have legislation making their crimes legal so that nobody will ever be in the position of being held accountable.

That is what the USA Freedom Act does for them. But wait. There's more. As they often do in these kinds of resets, they snuck in some actual changes that makes things even worse.

This bill simply gets corporations, like phone companies, more directly involved in the snooping. They were always a part of it, but now, codified into law, they are ordered to do so, while being granted blanket immunity.12) As the church lady used to say, “Well, isn't that special?”

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Oh, but you say, “My second cousin is getting all kinds of healthcare for only $25 a month. It's incredible.” You know what? That may be true at the moment. The insurance industry can suddenly afford to give a small minority of people healthcare coverage, because they have been and will continue to keep raising the rates on the vast majority of people. However, your second cousin is going to have a shock coming to her if she starts making more money. Her rates will be skyrocketing many time over. And I don't just mean her future rates. She is likely to be given a massive past due, adjusted bill, charging her current retail rate for the services she has been given. This is being reported by a lot of people who are being shell shocked to discover that the healthcare that thought was basically free, is anything but. They were signing up for every kind of health service they were told they were covered for. They took test after test. They thought they were living the life of Riley, only to discover, they were actually charging it to their own IRS account, becoming indebted to the company store, (if you will.) Frankly, they shouldn't be surprised if they never see an income tax return again. Moreover, the truth is, modern medicine does way WAY more harm than good. The pharmaceuticals that people think are helping them, more times than not, is what makes them get sicker and sicker, because they don't address the cause of illness, but only suppress their symptoms, which ultimately drives their illness deeper into their body, while those very symptom suppressing drugs, all have side effects, meaning, more symptoms, for which more drugs are given in what becomes an ongoing downward, sickly cycle. For emergency situations, trauma care and the like, modern medicine can be a veritable Godsend, but for most health issues, which are chronic and/or degenerative, typical “allopathic” medicine is usually the very worst thing they could be doing for their health. Seriously, you shouldn't wish allopathic medicine for non emergency matters upon your worst enemy. Therein lies the proverbial silver lining of Obamacare. Many people are going to be so priced out of their increased premiums, they will simply opt to not have insurance and pay the $5000 IRS fine each year. They will be forced to learn about real healthcare for chronic problems, which are natural solutions. They will focus on prevention, as well. Even people who don't opt out and pay the fine, are going to be turned down for all kinds of expensive medicine and procedures their plans would have paid for in the past. They too will be forced to learn alternative and complementary methods for maintaining their health. Natural solutions are already booming, but just wait a few more years, as the final vestiges of Obamacare kicks in. Things will be getting kind of hectic for many people, and yet getting very interesting for many people as well.
If you question my assertion that these invasive, embarrassing, disrespectful and dehumanizing “security” protocols are actually designed to keep the public safe, then you are of the belief that the TSA is merely incompetent at what they are trying to do. I, on the other hand, submit to you that they are extremely competent in their quest, but that their quest is not security, but prisoner (or slave) training. The actual minion employees may believe they are doing security work, but at the top, it is understood that there is no need for these procedures. It's social engineering. It's moving society to accept more and more outrageous behavior from the government. Just like bullies are known to do to their victims, they keep moving the bar, making their mistreatment worse and worse, as long as their victims will stand for it. One of the people who sued the TSA discovered a memo they had accidentally released as part of the lawsuit, that stated that the heads of the TSA knew there was no real need for these despicable and invasive types of screenings. It admitted there was no terror threat to justify them. However, anybody with a little bit of commonn sense knows that. We didn't need that memo to prove it. Israeli citizens don't have to endure these kinds of security protocols, and they live in an area with a history of public hombings. It's ridiculous to believe that those clowns at Homeland Security and TSA are making us safe.

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