Viewpoints against Decisions - To Kill a Mockingbird

In the southern parts of the US, it’s no lie that a lot of folks were racist in some way. Maycomb is no exception, after the trial of Tom Robinson he was profound guilty by the jury. Atticus made sure that the jury would vote not based on the skin of the defendant, but rather the evidence provided by him and reasoning of a common human being. Atticus is viewed as a disgrace to the whites, and a hero to the colored. After being betrayed by the jury, he calmly left without arguing against anything that night probably looking dreary. The town of Maycomb have different viewpoints on how they see others, but it all counts when they act.
Bob Ewell, Mayella’s dad is a drunk widower with his 8 kids, including his oldest. He probably has the same viewpoint as any other white southerner back in the 1930’s, racist to blacks and judging before reasoning. He had been a key witness during the trial, and his story doesn’t match up any more to Tom Robinson’s case. After the trial he had spit onto Atticus’s face, threatening to get revenge on him before leaving and having the entire town gossip on the unexpected event. ‘“I wish Bob Ewell wouldn’t chew tobacco,” was all Atticus said about it.’(291).

‘“Too proud to fight, you nigger-lovin‘ bastard?” Miss Stephanie said Atticus said, “No, too old,” put his hands in his pockets and strolled on. Miss Stephanie said you had to hand it to Atticus Finch, he could be right dry sometimes.’(291). Atticus has the unique ability to control himself though, making him stand out from the rest of a common racist crowd. Although the recent occured events that just have happened right before him, he doesn’t care what others think about his own judgement. Both Scout and Jem are frightened for Atticus, thinking that he should do something about the offense Mr. Ewell had just committed.
Jem and Scout thinks that Atticus didn’t live up to his own expectations. Atticus gives a speech that ‘Tom Robinson’s a colored man’ and as long as he is. the jury will not give up in trying to prosecute him severely. While talking to Jem and Scout, Jem says that he knows rape isn’t right, but he then says that maybe he they should change it. Atticus doubts his son saying that by the time they change the law, Atticus will either be old and frail or dead. Jem then starts to talk about the juries and how they should change them. How do you change a person’s viewpoint though? If it’s their strong argument, then you have to try to convince them as much as possible like when Atticus attempted but failed.

In conclusion, the viewpoints of white southerners were a standing decision. People like the Judge and Jem plus Scout know that it’s wrong to kill a person without direct evidence, more for just the color of their skin. They can’t do something because they fear that something will happen to them as well. In order to change the opinion of an entire town, you will need a lot of people to do so and a town is made up of that people. The viewpoint of Tom Robinson is his opinion on what he did was wrong, and I was believed that he did nothing wrong. Only the people in that court with the exception for those who didn’t want to interfere wants to force himself that colored people always did wrong simply because that is how they view everything in their own little perspective.

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