Vision 52

In my vision, I see a woman. She is sitting on a root of the large fig tree at the edge of the village. Behind her is a tall cliff of white marble that towers over the forest and extends for for nearly a day's walk in both directions. Plants hang down from the cracks and crevices here, dripping water that seeps out of the rock.

It is a sunny day and warmer than most days during the summer, but the breeze coming down from the cliff is cooled by the water. Here the air is pleasant, even on the sunniest days. The air is still and hot deeper into the forest where the clan hunts, even though the sun never penetrates the dense canopy.

She is not clothed as a women of the North would be clothed. The leather covers only her torso, leaving her light-skinned arms and legs bare except for a pair of wristguards with curious designs. She wears a cape of simple feathers that keeps the scorching sun off her back. No one else in her clan wears such a cape, as it indicates her position of power and authority.

Her feet are bare. Shoes would only hinder her movement along the soft floor of the forest and in the trees where she lives. She prefers the canopy of the forest to the rocky landscape behind her.

She carries a tall staff that would serve as a formidable weapon if she were a warrior, but she is not. Around her neck is a crude leather necklace from which hangs three long claws. She did not kill the animal that possessed these claws, but she defeated the hunter that did. The animal was deadly and the hunter was skilled, so she must be ferocious.

After killing the beast, the hunter removed its claws and fashioned the necklace, and he wore the claws proudly. It was an impressive feat and anyone seeing the claw necklace acknowledged his skill. She was also very impressed by his achievement, and desired him and his claws above anything else. She challenged him and defeated him, and then claimed the claws that she now wears. Defeating him also gave her the right to claim him, and so they married.

She is getting ready to leave the root that she has been sitting on. She has made a difficult decision and now she must make a difficult announcement. The water coming from the rock has been abundant, but the growth of her clan has outstripped the limited supply. She must tell her clan that some of them must leave the place where they were born, and move out of the forest to a new place above the cliffs. She dreaded making the decision, and now dreads the outcome.

The clan cannot survive if it stays together, but nobody wants to leave. How can she force people to leave? Banishment and exile are punishment that no one here deserves. She knows that only if someone respected and admired by the clan volunteers to go will enough people agree to leave.

“Who will go?”, she will ask, and her husband will step forward.

Visions are story vignettes based on Everway Vision cards

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