Warframe is a cooperative third person shooter created by Digital Extremes playable on the PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4. Being a direct sequel lore wise to DE's previous game, DarkSector, Warframe's main lore is set in the far future where different alien factions rule the solar system. Grineer of militarized troops, Corpus which harnesses advanced technology and robotics, then the Infested which are victims of the Technocyte Virus. The Tenno race remained dormant for years until Lotus calls for the 'awakening' of one in which the player assumes control.


A warframe is a suit that can perform special abilities. This suit protects the player with shields and greater speeds. Each warframe, or Frame for short, have different abilities, different statistics such as Speed, Shields, Health, Energy and Conclave (general ranking system). Each any every warframe can be equipped with different Mods. The amount of different mods you can install into a warframe dictates how many slots there are. Some warframes have an Exilus slot which allows for utility mods such as:

  • Intruder - 1+ Second to hacking
  • Warm Coat - Increases Shield Resistant to Ice Levels by 3%
  • Thief's Wit - Highlights mods throughout the environment as well as the minimap 7+ LOOT RADAR
  • Master Thief - 10% Chance to Unlock Locked Containers
  • Shock Absorbers - 5% Damage Resistance on Knockdown
  • Cunning Drift - 12% Slide, -30% Friction, 15% Power Range
  • Heavy Impact - Creates Heavy Seismic waves from heavy landing to knock foes off their feet
  • Maglev - 5% Slide, -5% Friction
  • Mobilize - 5% To Bullet Jump, 5% To Aim Glide and Aim Glide
  • Retribution - 15% Chance to Electrical Damage when Shield Struck by Melee Enemies
  • Rush - 5% Sprint Speed

There are different ways to obtain warframes. First is the build one through the foundry. You must collect 4 blueprints for the warframe itself. The Warframe's Blueprint, the blueprint for the Helmet, Chassis and the Systems. The three last components must be made before you can start to assemble the main Warframe's Blueprint. The other way is to buy it with platinum, and in-game currency that can be either traded or bought with real currency.

Warframes can be leveled up with affinity, which is obtained by killing enemies, completing objectives and collecting affinity orbs. Killing enemies with a Frame's abilities will give your frame 100% of that XP, but killed with a weapon will give 75% to that weapon, and then 25% to your Secondaries, Melee and Frame evenly. With every level to your frame until you're at a max level (30), you will gain increased Health, Shields, Power and Master Points which is required to increasing your Mastery Rank. You will unlock certain abilities and level existing ones.

The Current List for Warframes as of Update 18:

  • Ash
  • Atlas
  • Banshee
  • Chroma
  • Ember
  • Equinox
  • Excalibur
  • Frost
  • Hydroid
  • Inaros
  • Ivara
  • Limbo
  • Loki
  • Mag
  • Mesa
  • Mirage
  • Nekros
  • Nezha
  • Nova
  • Nyx
  • Oberon
  • Rhino
  • Saryn
  • Trinity
  • Valkyr
  • Vauban
  • Volt
  • Wukong
  • Zephyr


There is a huge variety of different weapons used in the universe of warframe. Each weapons can be leveled up and have it's mod capacity increases along the way. When killing an enemy with a weapon, 75% of that affinity is absorbed into the weapon, and then 25% is evenly divided into the Frame, Secondary and Melee. When a mod capacity reaches level 30, you can use a forma on it to set a polarity for a mod slot. Polarities inside Warframe include Madurai, Vazarin and Naramon. Setting a polarity inside a mod slot allows you to install a mod with the same polarity. The polarity of the mod can be found on the top right corner of it's card, and then the top right corner of a mod slot. Installing a mod into a mod slot with the correct polarity will halve its mod drain, but having an incompatible mod polarity installed will increase its mod drain. Each level of a weapon will give you 100 Master points.

There are different Statistics to a Weapon, such as what the weapon type is, the physical damage it can deal out, the elemental damage it can deal out, accuracy of the weapon, the reload speed of the weapon, the magazine of the weapon which is how much ammo is in the weapon before a reload, the Channeled Attack which dictates how much power is needed to deal additional damage based off a multiplyer, the critical chance and critical damage of a weapon, the status effect chance the weapon has, the fire rate of a weapon and the conclave of the weapon.

Damage Types

There are different damage types for all kinds of weapons. There are three types of physical damage which includes:

  • Impact - can drain corpus type enemies more quickly, but overall does less damage than any other types. It's status effect includes Knockback which allows you to stagger targets, no matter how much impact the weapon has.
  • Puncture - highly strong with armor type enemies such as Grineer, it includes the status effect Weakened which allows the victim to deal 30% less damage
  • Slash - extremely effective against flesh type enemies, its status effect is bleed which will cause damage over time towards the enemy.

Then there are elemental damage types:

  • Cold
  • Electricity
  • Heat
  • Toxin

With these four elemental damage types, you can combine them to make 6 different damage types:

  • Blast = Heat + Cold
  • Corrosive = Electricity + Toxin
  • Gas = Heat + Toxin
  • Magnetic = Cold + Electricity
  • Radiation = Heat + Electricity
  • Viral = Cold + Toxin


Mods are what makeup warframes upgrades throughout every piece of equipment the player can put on including Warframes, weapons, sentinels, Kubrows and Archwings. This can upgrade any statistic in the game even unlisted ones or grant additional/change abilities. As of now, there are 755 mods.

According to RNG (Random Number Generator), every enemy has a 3% chance of dropping a mod from any table, but there are three different tables that has their own chance of dropping. There is a 75.9% chance for a common to drop, 22.12% chance for an uncommon to drop and a 2.01% chance for a rare mod to drop. This means that there is a 0.0603% for a rare mod to drop at all. There are different types of mods that can drop limited to only certain types of equippable items in the game.

Presented in Update 12, mods of the same sort and combination level will consolidate into basically a mod stack, with a number on the upper left indicating what number of that card is accessible. This procedure is vital in lessening mess and is additionally used to facilitate the procedure of offering mods.

At the point when offering a mod, you can either choose one or a pack, and snap “offer”. This will offer one mod, and not all mods incorporated into a stack. On the off chance that you wish to offer more than one of the mods in the stack, tap the “Offer” catch before tapping on an arrangement of mods. This will open up the menu (demonstrated as follows) which will permit you to choose the quantity of mods you wish to offer, including an “Offer All” choice which will offer the whole stack.

This stacking framework likewise assumes a part in Fusion. While combining a mod and afterward selecting a heap of centers or mods, the number accessible is what number of that card you have to step up the mod, or the whole stack in the event that you require more. For instance, in the event that you are step up a mod utilizing combination centers, and you have 50 centers of that sort, it might say “15 Available” on the menu, which means it will take 15 of those centers to get the mod to max rank. Since this arrangements with max positioning anyway, you need to do some speculating or math to make sense of what number of you have to get to a particular level.

The components of a mod are as follows:

  • Name of the Mod
  • The Drain and Polarity of the mod
  • The Rank of the Mod
  • The Mod Type (what it can be equipped on)
  • Conclave (PvP value it adds)
  • Number of duplicate mods
  • Color of the Card dictates the rarity, Red for Common, Silver for Uncommon, Gold for Rare and Blue for Legendary

Aura mods are mods that can be equipped by warframes to give additional statistics and abilities to you and your teammates. Gives mod capacity rather than draining it. The following are aura mods:

  • Physique - Maximum health increased 18% Health
  • Infested Impedance - Reduces speed of Infested enemies -18% Speed
  • Rejuvenation - Team health regenerates 3% Heal Rate
  • Energy Siphon - Warframe energy regenerates 0.6 power rate
  • Enemy Radar - Enemies appear on Mini map 30 Enemy Radar
  • Shield Disruption - Enemy shields reduced 24% Shield Capacity
  • Corrosive Projection - enemy armor reduced 30% armor
  • Rifle Scavenger - increased rifle ammo recovery 15% ammo pickup
  • Shotgun Scavenger - increased shotgun ammo recovery 15% ammo pickup
  • Sniper Scavenger - increased sniper ammo recovery 15% ammo pickup
  • Pistol Scavenger - increased pistol ammo recovery 15% ammo pickup
  • Speed Holster - increases weapon holstering and unholstering speed 80% holster rate
  • Sprint Boost - sprint speed increased 10% sprint speed
  • Loot Detector - minimap shown loot crates 30% loot radar
  • Dead Eye - sniper rifle damage increased 35% damage
  • Rifle Amp - rifle damage increased 27% damage
  • Steel Charge - melee weapon damage increased 60% melee damage

Whenever prepared, Stances change a skirmish weapon's activity set, and opens the capacity to perform Melee Combos that start diverse assault designs with the weapon. Numerous Melee Combos permit weapons to perform assaults they are unequipped for managing without Stances, such as giving single-target scuffle weapons like the Skana the capacity to hit different adversaries. They may likewise upgrade a scuffle weapon's assaults with embellishments, from expanding the weapon's harm per hit, to 100% Status Effect procs, to improving portability by means of rushes and bounced. Scuffle Combos are just accessible when a skirmish weapon is drawn, and can't be performed by means of Quick Melee assaults when utilizing a Primary or Secondary weapon.


Companions are faithful individual partners to the Tenno. They will utilize their own exceptional statutes, weapons and capacities to help their proprietors in their missions at any expense, notwithstanding going so far as going specifically into damages approach to secure them. Buddies are not a one-time-use associate apparatus like Specters, but instead prepared in their own particular opening in the client's loadout by means of the munititions stockpile. Clients can just prepare one partner whenever. A friend's details, capacities, and practices can be overhauled and controlled by means of their own arrangement of mods. Modding sidekicks is like modding Warframes.

There are as of now two classes of friends: automated Sentinels, and living Kubrows. There are numerous contrasts between these classes extending from battle and development practices to securing to conceivable upkeep necessities.


When all is said in done, precepts are mods which adjust the conduct of a companion. Consider them the companion “abilities”. Each kind of Sentinel and Kubrow has their own particular statutes that can't be utilized by other sort (i.e.: the Djinn Sentinel can't utilize the Carrier Sentinel's Vacuum statute). In any case, there are statutes that are all inclusive inside a class of friends. After getting a sidekick, the client is consequently conceded its individual particular statute mods. Allies will utilize their statutes in an organized request, where the upper left opening is the most noteworthy need and the base right space is the least. Statute mods don't should be introduced in the separate enraptured opening to be utilized. Additionally, while the Arsenal UI just demonstrates the initial 4 statutes introduced, a Companion will in any case use different statutes on the off chance that they are introduced. Associates will verify whether the conditions to utilize the most astounding need statute are satisfied, and will keep on using that statute until the conditions are no more met. At that point they will check each other statute in need request. Partners will likewise intrude on the use of lower need statutes to utilize higher need statutes.


The Archwing is an arrangement of mechanical wings of Orokin configuration utilized by a Tenno to fly and take part in battle in space, offering a strong blend of capability and portability to connect with spaceborne foes. Not at all like Warframe's conventional area bound gameplay, Archwing missions occur on a three dimensional plane, offering about complete opportunity of development in all headings. In spite of the fact that expected for space utilize, the Archwing likewise can take part in submerged battle.

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