Welcome To The Hoax Called Global Warming

The insidious hoax known as global warming is perpetrated by “elite” controllers of our planet whose ultimate goal is the bankruptcy and enslavement of the masses, and global control of the nation states which are also meant to be bankrupted.

If you have any awareness at all, you know the latter portion is nearing defacto completion and the former part is also well on its way. What better way to help perpetrate it than by pretending like the very essence that makes life possible on earth, the carbon cycle has turned against us, and the only hope of avoiding calamity is to listen to the lovely globalists and pay them global taxes, from which they conveniently excuse themselves?

I must admit it is fairly brilliant to link predictions of global calamity with the carbon cycle. The people behind this hoax are the same forces working toward a dictatorial global government. If they can get us to believe that carbon dioxide is the culprit, then they can make every person a suspect and subject the entire world (sans themselves), to their harassment and enslavement efforts, since we all put out CO2 into the environment.

The mind boggles at the con job. They have untold millions upon millions of people believing that carbon dioxide which is needed for life on earth is the danger, while getting them to ignore things like; GMOs, aerial geoforming (chemtrails), pharmaceutical drugs, nuclear radiation, massive mind control programing, geopolitical manipulation including planned wars where international bankers fund all sides, poisoning the water and food supply, eugenic programs to kill off 90% of the planet's inhabitants, etc., etc.

In so doing, this allows them to open up a can of worms that can not only chip away at the sovereignty of nations, but of individual sovereignty. They can force themselves into every area of our lives. They can come into our homes to see to it that our carbon footprints are within excepted standards. They can cap and trade tax us into bankruptcy. Force us to give up freedoms and lifestyles. They can get us used to being enslaved and not knowing what freedom looks like.

In the meantime, they send their # 1 puppet, Barack Hussein Obama, aka Barry Sotero, to Africa where he tells people to stop this crazy goal of air conditioning for everyone. Africans are supposed to be good citizens for the global cabal and just nip that little pipe dream of theirs in the bud, even while Obama plays basketball in air conditioned comfort.

There are lots of reasons to do real things to protect the environment, but trying to reduce the level of carbon is not a genuine environmental protection. Not only is there no such thing as man made global warming, global warming hasn't been going on for nearly 20 years.

The bought and paid climate scientists have admitted that warming has stalled. That is why they started calling the boogey man, “climate change.” It's quite a sight to behold, the way they come up with preposterous twists of logic whereby all climate evidence can only point to them being right. In their world, there is nothing that can or will ever happen to prove otherwise.

If things get hot, then they were right all along. See? If it continues to get cooler like it has been doing for years, then that is also proof of climate change brought on by global warming.

Heads I win. Tails you lose. If you don't understand that, you must not understand science.

The truth is we know that the climate changes. Things are cyclical. In the past, it has been a lot hotter, including at times long before humans are believed to have occupied the planet. The earth has been through ice ages too. Can't blame those on humans either. The main driver of temperature and climate is the sun. It goes through changes, which, trust me, have nothing to do with human activity.

In the meantime, the powers that be thrive on outright lies. For instance, they say that scientists are 9,000 to 1 in support of the notion of man made climate change. That is preposterous. Yet, please keep in mind, they also directly control the purse strings of scientists, quite a few of whom are like most people and will play whatever game you want them to if you pay them enough.

To disagree with these globalists is a sure way to get all your funding cut off, but lots of scientists have done that. And ones who are still on board the hoax have been caught conspiring to divert the public's attention from the actual inconvenient truth. The temperature is declining, and their job is to HIDE THE DECLINE

It boggles the mind to listen to the crap that people come up with to keep from having to admit they are wrong. When a global warming research ship, on a mission to document the alleged lack of ice in Antarctica gets stuck in ice in the southern hemisphere summer, these people come up with one screwy theory after another.

It's because global warming caused more wind this year; or that global warming created more sea ice, but the problem is the lack of land ice. They say these things over and over, as if repeating them often enough will make it real. If they are so sure of all this now, how come they didn't see it coming and figure it out ahead of time so the ship wouldn't get stuck in all that global warming ice?

It's because it's not true. They are making this schtick up as they go along. These people are so willfully brainwashed that no matter what evidence is in front of them, they will go through hilarious mental gymnastics to be able to arrive at a conclusion that they were right all along.

At the top of the climate change pyramid they are just plain lying. At the foundation of the pyramid, the minions summarily accept the lies (and lie to themselves.) Some of the lies are about the ice melting. (Wrong.) Other lies are about polar bears dying off and not being able to swim, for some reason or another. (Also wrong.)

Luckily, a process is slowly underway where people are beginning to see the error of their ways. This writer is one of them. Yes, I used to be on the other side. My intentions were good, I assure you. I initially was disgusted when Republican types seemed to arbitrarily waive off the concept of man made global warming.

I mean, my entire life I had seen those people fight tooth and nail against every environmental protection idea that came down the pike. They never want corporations to cut their profits to help the environment, and as far as I was concerned, this global warming denial was just more of the same.

No doubt, some of the people who don't support the notion of CO2 being a calamitous poison, fall into that category. So what? A broken clock is right a couple times a day. I'm supposed to go against reality just because I don't like agreeing with them out of principle? I think not!

I pride myself on being open minded. As the years rolled by and evidence started mounting, and the dire predictions did not come true, I started researching who was behind this push and who gained from it. Always follow the money and you'll avoid a lot of confusion.

It became evident it is the international banking cartel that is bankrupting nations and individuals so they can gain control of all the wealth in the world. They have been on an unholy terror and this is just one more brick in the wall for them.

When I took off my blinders, it became evident that the whole plan to deal with global warming doesn't even make sense. Carbon taxes, and paying for credits to allow people, industries and nations to continue with business as usual? Really? REALLY?

Al Gore, who is the point man on warning humanity of this dire emergency is set up so that he gets richer from the very taxes he is helping to impose on every person in the world? Nothing suspicious about that at all, I guess.

Shutting down coal fired power plants with the plan to drastically increase nuclear power, even post Fukushima? Really and truly? Yikes!!!

The crazy thing is there truly are reasons to sound alarmist bells, but the climate change people ignore them in lock step. Fukushima radiation is a nightmare that really does threaten the health, lives and well being of billions of people on the planet,

Fukushima is not even close to being over. We are far from out of the woods. Plus, more nuclear disasters could happen. Climate change is nonsense, but this is dire. Where are the climate change people when it comes to dealing with this real and present danger? It's not even a blip on their radar?

In the meantime, the globalists are using UN Agenda 21 to get more and more people concentrated in populated areas. and to move people off the land. The Agenda 21 people want everyone to give up the independence that comes from not relying on the government. War is being waged on the small farmer and even people growing food gardens. All the while, the ubiquitous processed food becomes more toxic every year. This is not happenstance.

Agenda 21's goal to move everyone to the population centers is done to ultimately make way for the governments around the world and especially in the United States, to be able to give away vast amounts of land to globalist corporations, hook, line and sinker.

The few in the global warming crowd who even realize what is going on in that department, tend to believe the lie that it's somehow about, “smart growth,” and, “sustainable living.” They probably even like the idea of the plan to outlaw single family residency construction, and make people squeeze into 300 square feet coffin apartments, while not allowing cars within city limits.

The globalists pushing global warming want all wood burning stoves to be outlawed so everyone will have to get their heat from the grid. Yet with traditional power plants being closed, and others not being allowed to go online, we can look forward to the price of electricity doubling every few years. Many people can't or won't be able to afford heat. Even those who can afford it wont be able to maintain it with the rolling black outs created by all the closed power plants.

Yet the globalists will not have to worry about the taxes or the rolling black outs or any of the laws that affect the rest of us. They are exempt from all of it. Kind of like how they push for outlawing guns in country after country, yet they are exempted and have bodyguards who are exempted.

They even are cutting down trees in cities that need them to help provide shade… You know, the very trees that could be fighting off global warming. These people are frauds and the frightening number of people who continue to support them should know better.

If you are among them, like I used to be and Christopher “Lord” Monckton used to be, please grow a pair of nads, and be honest enough to admit you made a mistake. Wake up to the real threats, and join the winning team of liberty lovers and free thinkers.

Speaking of Lord Monckton, he used to be spoken about in almost reverential tones by those in the climate change religion. But the day he announced he had changed his mind, and could no longer deny the evidence, he was excommunicated. Now he is subject to character assassination and name calling of the worst kind. It's amazing that a person can go from genius to idiot, overnight. The last time I witnessed such an utterly complete, instantaneous 180 degree turn around of opinion was when David Miscavage wrested control of Scientology and kicked Ron Hubbard's personal auditor, David Mayo, out of the cult. One day Mayo was spoken about in utter awe. Literally, the very next day, he was looked upon as a scourge, the scum of the earth.

Monckton has extended an open invitation to Al Gore to debate him, but Gore continues to run from his challenge of a public climate change debate. That is nothing new. Gore has been challenged by a number of people over the years, to no avail. He, clearly, is scared to show how the emperor has no clothes.

If you don't know about Monckton, formerly one of the esteemed voices of the global warming hysteria, do yourself a favor and learn about him. You can start by clicking here .

One of the hardest things to understand about the long-time global warming believers is how they continue to keep believing, when every one of the dire warnings are proven incorrect by the passage of time. I guess they just delude themselves into accepting that it's going to take longer for their catastrophic predictions to come true.

The problem is people keep coming up with new predictions. The last one I heard was some dire warning set to manifest in another nine years. I've grown so weary of this nonsense, I couldn't even keep the specifics in my head, but what I can tell you is nine more years will come and go and the prediction, just like all the others, is not going to come true.

Monckton has recently published what he says will be the climate change crowd's game plan to avoid 100% worldwide embarrassment. Here's the issue: They haven't made a dent in the level of CO2 in the environment. In fact, there is more carbon dioxide on earth now than at any time in recent history, yet not only did the thermogeddon not happen, an increase in temperature didn't even occur.

They will have to pull out all the stops and enact policy, like Obama is doing by shutting down power plants, and possibly outlawing cars in major cities to reduce the amount of carbon dioxide in the air. Not that it will make a hill of beans difference at all, but that won't stop the climate change people from claiming that they saved the world.

Electricity prices will skyrocket. We will lose many more rights in the name of becoming good global citizens. There will be a lot more taxes and a lower amount of income to try make it through the week with, but the climate change folks will save face, (at least in their minds.)

They better hope the powers that be can actually reduce the CO2 levels. If they can't, then at some point it will become obvious to the rest of the world, the undecideds who are currently unsure who or what to believe, that they've been conned, big-time.

Do you want to know the difference between those who really understand the con and those who are still being fooled by it? Generally speaking, the people still being duped are refusing to wake up to how the world works.

They believe governments are benevolent forces there to protect them, and that television network news tells them the truth. And they trust the royal family, to boot. So when all these forces are aligned, and governments, network news, the United Nations, international think tanks and Prince Charles are all saying the same thing, they assume it must be true.

On the other hand, most of the people who are no longer being fooled, have awakened, (or at least are in the process.) They understand, to some degree at least, the depth and the breadth of the global conspiracy. They know that what they see on the TEE-v is mind control programming. To them, if the powers that be, governments, network news, the U.N., think tanks and royal families are all in agreement, then they know beyond a shadow of a doubt, it's unadulterated B.S.

Please forgive the generalities of the above distinction. No doubt, some people who still believe in man made climate change, with its dire consequences, are beginning to wake up in other areas. And I am sure there are some people who never bought into global warming who are still dead asleep. Furthermore, there might be some think tank that isn't aligned with the global warmers, and there are people on both sides of the issue within governments.

That said though, the point stands: When everywhere you look, you are being force fed something, you can bet the family farm it's just not true.

It is important for all of us, that we focus on discovering the truth, instead of merely trying to prove that we are right and that those who disagree with us are wrong (and stupid beyond belief.) If you are one of these people who have never changed their mind on a geopolitical issue or a religious or philosophical concept, it would behoove you to check yourself before you wreck yourself.

What are the odds you've never been wrong about anything? I just want to know the truth and help to make the world better. I used to be on the other side of this issue, but I kept an open mind and I continued looking at the evidence. I don't have an ego issue when it comes to allowing myself to admit I'm wrong.

In fact, I'll continue monitoring this, and if I see evidence that indicates to me that I was right from the start, I will not hesitate to change my mind again. I won't care if I'm called a flip flopper. If I'm seeking truth, keeping an open mind and really doing my best to decipher the data, that is good enough for me.

Furthermore, we should realize that most of us, on both sides of the issue, share common goals. We see problems with the way we are headed and we are trying to stave off calamities. We disagree on what they are and how to go about it, but we are trying to make the future better.

Often I feel that the other side is so disrespectful and obnoxious with all the name calling and putting on airs of superiority, that I get caught up and do the same thing myself. Ultimately that is not helpful. I know it, yet I'm still at the point where I engage in it sometimes.

I wish we all were more interested in discovering the truth, instead of trying to win arguments and trying to make those we disagree with feel stupid. To the degree that I'm guilty, mea culpa.

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