Where to Spend your Devcoins

Here is a list of businesses accepting Devcoin, accompanied by a short summary of the business.

Bitcoin PR Buzz

For a fee, in which Devcoin is accepted, the Bitcoin PR Buzz staff will write a professional press release and submit it to over 40,000 news outlets. Google News coverage is guaranteed and your release may be published on Yahoo Finance. More information is available at the link below.


Not Available

The stores listed here are either not accessible or have ceased operations. If your site is still operating and listed here, please contact smeagol to get your listing back on top.


coingather crypto-currency exchange




Altcoin Cards

Spend your devcoins and receive gift cards at Altcoin Cards. Aeropostale, Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Macy's, Gap, Dell, Petco, Starbucks, and many more gift cards are available for purchase.



Amazonia Imports

Amazonia Imports (Formerly known as the Bitcoin Pipe Shop) sells pipes, hand-made in South America. They are based in Australia, so free shipping is offered within Australia, though international shipping is available. They accept Bitcoin, Litecoin, Devcoin, and a few other currencies.



CoinBucks allows you to exchange your Devcoins for real United States banknotes. For now, it is in beta and it only offers small denominations but as the business expands it plans to add more.


Andarazoroflove Book Shop

The Andarazoroflove Book Shop sells assorted books and texts such as “TCP/IP for Dummies”, “The Scientific American Book of Projects for the Amateur Scientist”, and more. Visit the URL below to view the full selection.



Bitezze sells precious metals and jewelry for cryptocurrencies. Their products range from Zombie apocalypse silver rounds to Niobium buffalo bars. They have a large assortment of items for sale.


mcXnow Cryptocurrency Exchange

With a one million user capacity, secure C++ code, friendly user interface and many features, it's no surprise that mcXnow is a major cryptocurrency exchange. DVC trading is available but some markets have been suspended as RealSolid works on mcXnow v2.5.


RapidBalls DVC Lotto

The RapidBalls DVC Lotto is a lottery which accepts Devcoin. It offers a combination number balls and color balls, which makes it a unique lottery. It is easy to play, provably fair, and no account is required to participate in the lottery.


BrownBox Tech

BrownBox Tech sells computer hardware, such as RAM and motherboards, and electronics, such as Android tablets. They accept payments via Coinpayments. Visit the URL below to see the whole store!



With Crypto::Stocks, you can list your project to get funding in Bitcoin, Litecoin, and Devcoin. You can also use your Devcoins to buy shares in projects that interest you, such as the DVC-ASIC Miner Passthrough or the Devcoin Bounty Fund.



The ASCMDVCPT is a simple passthrough against ASICMiner, denominated in DVC. You can buy shares on Crypto::Stocks, mentioned above. Each share represents 1/1000th of an ASICMiner share to allow more affordability. This is in effect an AsicMiner Passthrough, but operating with DVC as the currency. The shares may be held directly or in a BTC based passthrough. Trading the shares will have a 0.08% surcharge.


i.imgur.com_4dtnfqj.jpg UPDATE FROM FUZZYBEAR (Ran this passthrough) - THIS LISTING IS NOW CLOSED WITH ASICMiner ABANDONMENT


Crypto-Trade is a cryptocurrency exchange which supports Devcoin, as well as Namecoin, PPCoin, and Feathercoin, to list a couple. They accept USD deposits and have multiple USD markets.



DVC4GiftCards.us is a web site that sells gift cards for devcoins. As it is a new site, it only sells Amazon gift cards in $1 and $10 denominations. The site plans to expand to more cards and denominations soon.


iGotSpots Precious Metals

iGotSpots.com sells precious metals such as gold and silver, as well as copper for multiple cryptocurrencies. As of October 8th, it has stopped operations as it is looking to “switch gears.” Devcoin can still be used to buy metals, just go to the link below. iGotSpots recenty launched a new site called “Work4Crypto” in which people can submit jobs for others and pay them in cryptocurrencies, including devcoin. As it is in beta at the moment, it is not listed on this page.




KissMyWeb is a web design company. Websites are built on subdomains so clients can watch their website being built in real time. Starter website plans start at $500, and devcoin is accepted.


Vircurex (VIRtual CURrency EXchange)

Vircurex is an online cryptocurrency exchange. It is run by a reputable bitcoin forum member and is a trustable site. Most devcoin trading occurs on this site. It has both an EUR and USD market available, but for now, fiat deposits and withdrawals are suspended.



Safecex.com cryptocoin exchange




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