Challengers Welcome Part 2
Calasanz was and continues to be the biggest name in martial arts in the surrounding area of Norwalk Connecticut, not to mention his name's international renown. People after seeing his skill would often talk, “Wow, he's even better than Bruce Lee!” With a reputation such as that it was repeatedly required of Calasanz to uphold such a high acclaim. In fact, until recently there was always a sign on the door welcoming challengers to walk in.

Often times the meanest, 'baddest' punks in town would walk in with inflated egos and idealistic conceptions of themselves and of how their one punch would end the fight in seconds, only to find themselves realistically confined to roles reversed. Other times more skilled and practiced martial artists with a bone to pick would enter through the doors with their inflated egos and idealistic conceptions of themselves and of how their superior technique would end the fight in seconds, again, only to find themselves realistically confined to roles reversed. We are reminded especially of the story depicting Calasanz' fight against Kenny at George's Gym.

Today however we have unearthed, from the piles and piles of tapes, a video never seen before of footage taken when an entire school came to make good on the sign's promise. We look now at Roger Mayers, one of Calasanz most honest, loyal and recognized students.

In his time he was one of the best and fastest point fighters. Roger is a guy with great defense, great reflexes, and a great heart. He went up against people nobody wanted to fight, like Raul Ortiz, and he won tournaments so large he would go home with trophies as tall as 6 feet. His nickname, “Flash” fully characterizes the reaction people had when watching him fight. To see him moving around in a fight is like watching a Bruce Lee, and everyone who trained with him knew that if you touched him he would make you pay for it. He moved so fast people could barely see him attack. One of Roger's best moments was when he competed in a kyokushinkai tournament and ended up taking first place, his fellow student is in the background here and took 2nd place.

In these videos Roger “Flash” Mayers fights Dennis White, click here for a short anecdote about Dennis's personal encounter with Calasanz prior to this day, and a man named Michael.

Roger v. Dennis White:

As you watch the fights you will notice Roger landing many kicks to the hips of his opponents. After the rounds of fighting and sparring the schools meant to go out to lunch but the opponents were having trouble walking from taking these blows to the hips and unfortunately could not join us for the meal. But after all was said and done their aim of usurping Calasanz position and proving him a fraud was once again denied despite their best efforts.

Roger v. Michael - Round 1:

Roger v. Michael - Round 2:

Roger v. Michael - Round 3:

The sign has since weathered and was taken down after the school remained unopposed for such an extended spell. But the stories of those who came to challenge still remain within our walls and are testament to the resilience and truth about Calasanz and his system.

All the STRIKES!

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