Calasanz Near Death : Finds a Way to Come Back
Taken From an Audio Recording of Calasanz

That you set out to find another man more determined, more mental, more spiritual, more physical, more super crazy than me? You won't find it on this earth. Even if they find people on mars, never can you find it.

At one point I am testing 120 people, I am training them with the help of the wonderful, beautiful Renee F. At that time Renee, she was a very nice person, but for some reason that day she was very tough to deal with.

We had started testing at 4 in the morning but then at some point Renee decided that she was going to give me the finger and leave because she was angry. I couldn't say why she was angry, its a mystery to me. Why would she go and get angry at a saint like me?

So, she left and I said to myself, “You believe that you're gonna make a mess out of me? No way Jose, there is not going to be a mess.”

I had over 100 students testing that day and I did it all. I held boards, picked up the broken ones; I got the belts, I lead, I coached, I held more boards, I talked to them, I talked about philosophy, I bowed again and again, I gave the exercises. I did it all by myself. I did not use anyone to even write down who payed. I did it all, collected money, collected whatever. I didn't take any time to eat, just tested. I ran the show, I ran the whole thing. I did it all without even a bite of food.

Then at around 11 o'clock that night I had a vision, I saw the building falling in on me. I picked up the phone and I pushed the number 9 to dial 911. I didn't know what was happening to me. After pressing '9' I caught a glimpse of the water fountain. I ran to it immediately and began to drink. I probably drank enough water to drown myself, but after drinking that water I was restored to some degree of normalcy.

That was when I really found out about the curative properties of water. From drinking that water I was able to come back to be myself again… and I realized then also that… “Wow, I didn't drink any water all day.” I hadn't eaten or drank at all that day being so busy.

You see, nobody came and told me, “Calasanz, you can do this by yourself without eating food, but without drinking water, it will kill you.” Nobody told me that. Seems like nobody cared or maybe because I didn't speak up, or I didn't talk about it. I am not stupid, but I was so busy I couldn't even remember 'I am supposed to drink water'. Maybe I could have gotten away with not eating food for that time, but then without drinking water, it nearly killed me.

To tell you the truth, it was one of those times that you remember and go thinking back on and say, “My goodness, they could have found me dead over here.”

I remember another incident like that when I was very young.

I was painting cars at one of those well known car dealer repair shops in the Dominican Republic. I worked there because I was going to school and working; working and going to school. Of course I had to make a little extra money because my father couldn't pay for everything.

But that was the purpose, that was in the DR [Dominican Republic], I remember… I have history, still up to today there, I did so much stuff over at that well-known dealership, Albreo. The car racers in the mid 80's and 90's they were known all over the world for having some of the best cars and racing in the DR.

I went over there and in just 1 hour I would make more money than probably any one over there because I could paint in 20 minutes or 30 minutes what another person takes 5/6/7 hours to paint. I was so energetic and so focused that I could do that, so that was me. Like I said…

Anything I do, I do it with courage, I do it with passion and whatever, but that day I can never forget because I said after an event… “I'm supposed to be dead!”… the electricity burned everything around me and left this 14 / 15 year old kid there, alive like nothing had happened. I remember standing there watching electricity and sparks go all over the place.

It was like fire works.

I was standing downstairs painting in that auto-shop with cars all around, then… something happened. A loud bang came. Something had broken on one of the cars and all this electricity came from nowhere and was all around me like fireworks going everywhere. Everything was whizzing, sparkling and burning, another guy who was working there painting outside came running. There he was and he saw this kid about 14 years old in the basement. He looked at me and his face said it all. It was saying,

“How this guy is alive? He's supposed to be electrocuted…”

Meanwhile the manger was sitting there thinking, "I'm gonna get sued."   

The other workers, they couldn't get into the place because of the explosion, but I just was there, I stepped into the water, I stepped out of the water and I got out. But no, the electricity didn't come to me… It would have electrocuted anything standing in that water but no, this child lived. I was alive, I survived. Thinking on it now, probably I survived only because I was wearing shoes.

And I have the same feeling, about that day when I had over 120 people testing… I ask myself now… How could you not drink any water??

But I proved my point that day, that I really was a mentally strong, spiritually strong and physically.. forget it… super strong person. And that was me.

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Story Inspired by Calasanz Transcribed and Developed by Alan Wedell

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