On Being and Being Well Balanced
Taken from an Audio Recording of Calasanz

Today I had a tremendous experience with one of my students.

We were talking as we all eventually get to to talking. We came to how we have all sorts of instructors. We have a good instructor of tai chi, one of the best, we have another that teaches Wing Chun, we have another to teach Karate and another for Ti-Kwon-Do. All sorts of instructors.

As we went talking I said listen, still up to today there are people who tell me, "Calasanz do you want to learn this?"  [referring to a type of martial art]

I said, “Look, if you give me 300 life times.. that means I lived and died 299 times.. still I don't have enough life, enough time, to teach people or to help people teach all that I know.”

For example, a guy comes here and learns Cheng Chuang Long Fist, and then he wants to learn the snake. Fortunately here he can ask that question and we can do that because we have a good instructor. And next he wants to learn the dragon… Then the next and the next, and again, lucky for him that we can do that. But listen, guy, you just need 1 technique.

Anyone can go and say, “Okay, I know the snake style, I strike here like that. Now I want to go to another guy that I can learn another snake style.”

I don't mind that because, yeah, its understood that Kung Fu when it comes to Kung Fu as the way of life. Anything you do in Kung Fu is good. Any one with the right time and dedication can have 90 forms but really you just need only 4 forms. First one that is basic, then one in the middle, and then one a little bit more advanced, the last one advanced. But 90 forms? What is the purpose of that?

The purpose is here, it is to keep your body working. So now, Kung Fu means work. Work. Patience. Work. Patience. Work. Patience. That patience, that is Kung Fu. To keep working, To keep the body active. So that is the reason behind learning many forms.

But many styles? Guy… why you want to waste that time? If you have 10 forms of Cheng Chuan, spend your life mastering that. But if you get bored, if you want to apply yourself in something else, then go to something completely different. Go to kick-boxing, go to Wing Chun, go to Chinese Boxing, go to boxing… But don't go and keep doing the same thing.

So… whats going on wrong? Just learn.. I'm going to let my guy teach you. I'm going to give my guy the opportunity to teach you the system of Wing Chun, but not just becasue of what you pay; just for love because you do a lot for me. But don't come to me talking about you want check about this or that… please! And he was laughing, he was laughing and laughing.

Study with him I'm going to let him help you. That is the way, and yes you can become more well balanced here. Just remember, UFC fighters are some of the best most well balanced fighters in the world today, but that doesn't mean that these people can teach; that these people can carry you further in body mind and spirit. They are fighters, not instructors.

Calasanz on the other hand, that is exactly what he does, what his school does. Calasanz can take you further in body, mind and spirit down any way that you want to go. Professionally we're the best. Simple. I have 300 terabytes of information. All that information can be reduced down. One gigabyte is all I need to give to you to make you the best fighter in the world. All that information though we cannot use all of it because it takes a lifetime to master.

And this is for my students, so they don't get confused. Go and learn something first. Go and get the equivalent of a black belt in Wing Chun… learn that, but don't keep going and getting 20/30 forms of the same style. What is there? Not even if you would be me.. born with it. See, you can teach me 300 types of martial arts, 300 forms and I can learn it and distinguish them and I can talk a little bit about each.. okay that one emphasizes this, this one emphasizes that… but that is me… born with. But you are not…. so you know what; learn something simple. Go and finish learning Wing Chun from my guy under my direction… go and learn something, but don't be dumb anymore.

And he was laughing.

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