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The Beauty of our system is that it is so simple even children can understand it and put it to good use. Our training exercises and programs are remarkably similar with only minor adjustments necessary to compensate for age and ability.

We take a look now at some archived footage of two young students (one is 3 and 1/2 the other 4 years old) sparring at one of those Calasanz Saturday Night Fight nights that used to be hosted here at Calasanz Physical Art, 507 Westport Avenue in Norwalk.

These two babies, they are incredible. Even at their young age they are attacking, punching, kicking, blocking. They have so much energy. They could fight forever. All they were doing was implementing the basic concepts of the system, cover the head, move the head, close the gap. It is incredible to see them do it so well and speaks to Calasanz' ability as a coach and a trainer that even kids so young can be so well balanced, grounded and proficient with their bodies. The balance they present, their fists clenched well for the punch. This is how they can break a board at such a young age, with simple techniques and a no-nonsense attitude towards training, stressing responsibility and accountability even with people so young.

Over the years Calasanz has taught and trained many many children. These people today as they grow up and as they are growing up are not regular kids. They are super babies, super young athletes. We have over 1000 of these kids walking around today, probably more. Years later these children come back and say “Calasanz, do you remember me? I am 'so and so'.” And of course they are remembered. Nathan Paige for example had come back in his late teens after having been trained here between the ages of 5 and 8. And literally just yesterday (5/10/2013) one of our brightest students Spencer, now in law school, dropped in to say hello.

In the case of these children, to teach them how they can grow up with this sort of balance, grounding and confidence. It's just unbelievable. Still up to today, teaching since 1986, our young students they never get in trouble, they don't go out hurting people. In fact, in the past when police officers have noticed a child getting into a lot of trouble or getting beat up they would tell them, “Hey, go to Calasanz for a month or two.” That is the beauty of it. To teach a kid to breathe, to take a deep breath. Teaching them to concentrate on the right things, how to throw a punch, close the gap and cover up. Besides, we are famous for the best defense.

One of our students (the one in all white) seen here breaking a board in this video (also shown below) came in one afternoon to tell Calasanz that he had been involved in a fight. Calasanz got angry immediately but then fell out in laughter after hearing that the aggressor had hurt his hand just from punching our student who had raised his hands and leg to block the strike in classic Calasanz fashion. Perfect.

We also remember Gina, a young girl not more than 4 years old, when putting an attacker at her she would jump up and throw the perfect traditional punch within 1/4 inch of another baby. You don't see that other places, that is how we built such a strong name. Keep in mind, there were people who used to come to the school, Calasanz Physical Art, from all over with a lunch bag just to sit and watch Calasanz train. Although those days are gone now, that is a fact of life.

Our young students and athletes do not become normal people, they become super people and we are proud of them!

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