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of two students willing to demonstrate what they know of the Wing Chun Wooden Dummy Form (Mook Jong) on film. We teach this form here at Calasanz along with many other functional tools within the world of martial arts and self defense. These are every day, regular people whom we have trained to this level and who continue to grow as martial artists.

The first student is Tom Barcello. He is not only a law enforcement officer but also a good friend of Calasanz and the school. Tom has helped us a lot over his time here at Calasanz Physical Arts, as has his enforcement partner Dee Hohn. A quick thanks to you personally for all you have done for us. We will never forget you and please, be safe at work. Tom is somebody that Calasanz will never forget. He remains one of the toughest, most natural and devoted fighters that has ever trained here and deserves to be listed among Peter Valis, Chris Mottola, Kevin Mcantyre, Darryl Dash, Roger Mayers, Rodney Louis, Mario Contacessi, and Robert Shapiro.

They Can Also Be Seen Here Performing Karate Kata

Karate - Taikyoko Gedan

Karate - Taikyoko Jodan

Tom was once put to practice partner drills with another advanced Wing Chun student of ours, Rebecca Jane Lyon. The good man that Tom Barcello is, he restrained himself and did not attack Rebecca as a girl. He ended up on the ground defenseless and holding his knees.

The fact is that in China the men were forced to begin practicing Wing Chun because they were being embarrassed by their female counterparts who were practitioners of Wing Chun. Tom's story plays testament to that fact. Wing Chun through its principles is defined by its efficiency of motion and energy use which no other system has bested to date. The male ego was deflated by the female martial artists and had to adapt. In order to compete they had to admit superiority and start learning Wing Chun.

Originally Wing Chun was a female practice, but men have taken it from them. Today, as a result, there are more male practitioners than female practitioners of Wing Chun. As the system develops over time the philosophy and central concepts remain the same. Control of the center line. Parsimony. Friction.

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