Writer's Block

This is my first article as a Devtome writer. At first look it might appear to be a Drivel, however it carries something that every new writer to this website might benefit from. It chronicles my break through from my own self-produced anxieties and my advent into a new opportunity for financial freedom. This process is something of value to myself, and my peers, and as such others may gain equal amounts of value.

Thus begins my first article written to earn devcoins in order to take care of financial responsibilities. In the future I hope to write more informational pieces, however this will help me get over my creative block I seem to be experiencing whilst trying to write on this website. It seems that such creative blocks happen regularly, especially when facing a task that is a pre-requisite to taking care of some responsibility. In this case, that such responsibility would be financial, however me experiencing such a creative block doesn't seem to be limited to only financial responsibilities. No, it would seem that in accomplishing even the most trivial tasks as preparing food to feed myself, I will make as many excuses as possible until procrastination is not possible. For anyone that has gone through a period of long fasting, they will understand such a feeling, especially one before they succumb to the fast and finally break bread and butter.

Speaking of breaking bread and butter, I seem ashamed that my responsibilities are not being taken care of. That creates a sense of dishonor, a lack of honor within myself, to face my peers. When my friends and family around me seem to be accomplishing things with their life, how do I amount to their accomplishments? How do I integrate and find my own niche, when I struggle to do such a thing as preparing my own meal. This has to be some blockage, or self-defeating principle within me, that causes me to suffer like this within my own head, because these issues seem to be very self-perpetuated. When it comes to creativity in a free-flowing conversation done in an internet relay chatroom (IRC), I seem to have an endless amount of things that I am able to say, within a very short period of time. When it comes to my own dreams and aspirations, I can seem to verbalize it well enough if the person is not seriously considering what I have to say. Perhaps, I put on to much weight on my own shoulders for the tasks that I have to accomplish, in trying to achieve a perfectionism of sort. If the task at hand isn't done to the best of standards (no mistakes being made, nothing that can be judged, no criticisms that can be made) then I believe there is no point in doing it all. Perhaps I cringe at criticism.

I wouldn't really be doing this if it wasn't for the purpose of acquiring some finances. I love the idea of creating new investment opportunities for myself, especially with something as a token currency and not debt currency. Now, having something such as gold or silver, resource currency, would be phenomenal as not everyone uses Devcoins, I could simply use someone who takes Devcoins and acquire cash, or other currency to obtain such investments. Now, will this require me to pay fees down the road that I could have otherwise avoided if doing work to acquire the resource currency directly (for example mining bitcoins) but that is a small price to pay for building up a future from the thoughts that go on in my head. Not only that, but this platform can be used as a medium to give this world something that it seems to be so desperately craving. Written on February 4th, 2014, whilst the protests in Ukraine were making their way to global headlines, this article is written in a time of great revolution occurring on Earth. An awakening of a sort amongst the people of this great planet is happening before us, and this awakening is an empowerment to be freed from reigns of tyranny and oppression. The days of a very few people owning mass amounts of wealth in the world will no longer be before us with the advent of such things as Devcoins.

Being a part of something so new, so fresh gives hope to myself that I can be apart of something revolutionary within the world. I don't have to go out to dangerous situations such as protests to feel as if I am making a difference. By introducing things such as token currencies, I am giving way to empowering the average individual on Earth to make a future for themselves, and others by a means of sustenance that can provide the universal abundance that should be made available to all. All types of possibilities exist in this world, and by making my way into this community, I am opening myself to the better possibilities that can be made available to everyone else in this world by means that did not exist until now. However, going back to the original point of my article, this is a responsibility within itself. Perhaps, by doing all of this, I am overcoming my own fear of taking care of responsibilities by doing the easiest thing possible at the moment, writing. Writing my heart and soul out on this website might become a common practice to me, if I see the results I have written out so expectantly in this article.

Thus begins the start of a new journey. The idea isn't so limited to earning money by writing articles on the internet, but rather participation in a revolution. A peaceful revolution triumphs a violent revolution any day, and being a part of such a movement is an honor. To be a part of that honor, it is necessary for the writer, who writes on his own accord and by force of no other, to handle his responsibilities accordingly, which in retrospect might be the easiest they have ever had.


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