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Model life

Winter, the cold season between autumn and spring in northern latitudes. A time when you can find chestnuts roasting on an open fire, Jack Frost nipping at your nose, and Model’s freezing to death during Photo Shoots. Since fashion never sleeps; (neither does modellife ; except post fashion week comas and recuperation periods) it doesn't matter what temperature it is or what storm is going on outside, if you are booked for a shoot that happens to be outside, you are booked.

Here is how your day is going to play out…….


You arrive at the shoot; hot chocolate in hand, chic scarf delicately wrapped around your slim neck,and you start to prepare yourself mentally to be able to endure the frigid temperatures.

Thoughts in your mind-

“Oh, it’s 20° with such a strong wind chill it feels like 10°? I didn't notice.” “The cold ain’t got nothing on me!!!!! B*tch I’m HOT.” “I mean come on, its not THAT cold out, you can do this, you just had three teas and a hot chocolate. Girl, you have made your body toasty for at least an hour.”

Now that you have psyched yourself up mentally whilst getting your hair and makeup done, the weather seems minuscule. You even find yourself bragging to the photo shoot crew about how its not even that cold out and that you would be fine working all day in these freezing temperatures.

First Look

The time has arrived to model your first look. You must now vacate the refuge of the heated studio filled with tea and peanut butter filled pretzels to the unknown world; NATURE. Thankfully the stylist is a saint and has you wearing finger less gloves and a sweater with the dress (you aren't totally naked, thank god). As you open the door to meet the photographer in the car to travel to the first location, the heat in your body begins to relinquish from its toasty sanctuary into the obscene weather. With each step on the frozen rubble, regret and panic flood your sane mind, but your model mind will tell you that it’s fine and you can do it!


  • For those of you who didn’t know models have two minds, non model mind and model mind. Non model mind tends to be more sane and want to eat cookies all day. Whereas model mind tends to be more spontaneous and want to workout and drink protein shakes all day. ****

Nonetheless you are able to suck it up and are able to get some shots without dying.

Second Look

Back at the warm and cozy sanctuary (the studio), the stylist hands you your next look. This time a little more skin is showing but you have a hat on your head instead of gloves covering your slim fingers. Compromise people. Compromise.

OK, you leave the sanctuary and enter the unknown once again. This time it is at a location more wind prone, meaning with every gust of wind you are almost blown over onto the icy ground , thus causing you to be that much colder. To get through this look you continue to tell yourself why you are doing this and why model life is worth it. Kate Upton recently shot in Antarctica for Sports Illustrated half naked, so if she can do that, I can do this!!! (Yeah, that didn't help at all)

Third Look

Non model mind is starting to grab the reins…… all you can think is why am I doing this? I’m going to get pneumonia, am I even getting paid?, where is my agent, where is my phone, why is my toe purple?, somebody get me a hot chocolate!!!!!

The stylist brings out your look. A strapless dress……………… with a scarf.

Seriously? You have got to be kidding me, I'm going to contract to die from hypothermia

You change into your thousand dollar dress (gorgeous beyond words) and the stylist is as cute as a button thinking of your well being by giving you a scarf even though it doesn't really go with the dress (thank you fo trying to keep the model alive ) ; so you leave the sanctuary and plunge into the freezing temperatures.

As you watch each breathe leave your body, you begin to realize you will not be able to physically handle much more of this.

Two things will either happen. 1. You will go crazy; as in yelling,crying,swearing,or all of the above at one moment. or 2. You will have no body function left; as in you pass out and cannot wake up.

Some how, with your body uncontrollably shaking you finish the look. Even though the photographer kept telling you to stop moving your legs and arms for they were flailing uncontrollably; and your response was i’m not. (because you really weren't, your body was going crazy for early onset hypothermia)


ALMOST DONE. ONE MORE LOOK , ONE MORE LOOK. The stylist is pumping you up back at the sanctuary. Non model mind and model mind are in agreement for once, they both say STOP SHOOTING OUTSIDE HALF NAKED. As I look to the stylist for help and assistance, she continues to pump me up and tell me how hot I am.

YOU CAN DO THIS. YOU CAN DO THIS. ok, last look, GO.

The temperature has dropped another 8 degrees and the sun has almost gone to sleep. Also known as - you don’t want to be outside now. Especially half naked.

So you go to the location, start to shoot, the photographer takes three shots, checks the lighting, and you RUN FOR THE CAR. That is it. you physically can not do it anymore. it was too god damn cold for your body.

but , the photographer/ who ever is in charge of the production will not be feeling what your putting down and force you to finish the shoot.

Either you finish the shoot or your name will be tarnished in the modeling industry… suck it up and finish the shoot.

Somehow you get back out there and shoot your little booty off. DONE. BOOM. The worst part of this entire experience is how no one understands how cold it actually is because the entire crew is bundled up in snow gear and insulated jackets making them at least ten degrees warmer, while the model is half naked and freezing to death. Therefore you will constantly hear, “Its not that cold out. Other model's have shot in worse.”

And when you are freezing and look onto a team of five people all warm in their jackets and gloves and hats and scarves and coffee and tea and blankets———- it’s so difficult not to be like- GIVE ME WARMTH.

Another thing to consider is most model’s have NO body fat, so we are that much colder than you to begin with.

No body fat+ no clothes+ freezing temperatures = Cold Model

The moral of the story is, only shoot in the cold if its absolutely necessary.

The end.


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