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Book : The Fault in Our Stars.

The book is called The Fault in Our Stars, and it is written by John Green, and falls under the genre ‘Young adult novel’. The book has 313 pages.

The two main characters would be Hazel Grace and Augustus Waters. Here’s a short description of them : Hazel Grace : Hazel Grace narrates the book, and is the main character. She was diagnosed with cancer, and has to walk around with some sort of oxygen tank. She is on medicine but sometimes her condition threatens to worsen, she uses a medicine that doesn’t work on a lot of patients, but for her it’s having a great effect. She is obsessed with a book called ‘An Imperial Affliction’, which is a fictional book inside the book, and is written by ‘Peter van Houten’, An Imperial Affliction is based in the Netherlands. Hazel Grace generally is called Hazel, and has two loving parents, and a very emotional dad that is afraid she’ll go soon.

Augustus Waters : Augustus Waters is someone Hazel meets later on at a group meeting for people with cancer, he had his leg amputated due to his cancer. Augustus Waters loves playing video games, and mainly plays the fictional game called ‘The Price of Dawn’.

The story itself is based in the America, a part of the story is based in Amsterdam.

A small description of what the book is about. The book starts with Hazel Grace, she hasn’t gone to school for a few years, after being diagnosed with her cancer. She is lengthening her life by using experimental drugs which hasn’t worked on most cancer patients, however it worked on her. She wants to watch her favourite show with her mother (So you think you can dance), however her mother presses her to visit a support group for children with cancer. She at first doesn’t want to go, and is angry, but has to. At the support group she meets Patrick, the support group leader, it’s a religious group and at the end they have to pray. At this group, she meets Augustus Waters, the first person she’s actually felt attraction towards.

Augustus Waters was an basketball player, however due to his cancer, his left leg had to be amputated, and he stopped playing. They exchange numbers at first, and text each other regularly and meet up. At first she had no further intention with him, when she saw him with a cigarette, which could only give him more cancer. However he doesn’t smoke them, he has them in this mouth as a metaphor, “You put the killing thing right between your teeth, but you don’t give it the power to kill you.” After this they often hang out, and Hazel presses him to read ‘An Imperial Affliction’, which he does, and loves it completely.

Hazel Grace as said before, is obsessed with the book, and has read it many times. Her dream is to meet the writer of the book, Peter van Houten. In the book, there’s a ‘Make a Wish Foundation’, where you have ‘Genies’ (just normal people, however they call themselves genies), who will grant wishes to children with cancer. Hazel however, no longer has this wish as she used it to go to Disney Land a few years ago ago, and Augustus found it horrible. However, Augustus has saved up his wish, and came up with the proposition to go to Amsterdam, to meet Peter Van Houten. She accepts this offer and is very happy about it.

However, after a while, she is getting depressed, and doesn’t want to get close to Augustus, or have a relationship with him. She starts seeing herself horribly, as she described ‘a grenade’, and that once Augustus would love her, and they’d go into a relationship, and then she’d die and only have caused pain. She still wanted to go see Peter van Houten, but decided it’s best to draw away from Augustus. Afterwards she had to consult her doctors to discuss if it was safe to go to Amsterdam via airplane, and she was allowed to go.

A bit later, they fly to Amsterdam and arrive there. They get their meal and hotel payed by Peter van Houten, and have a great meal. However, upon standing at the front door, she hears loud music playing, and an assistant opens the door. The assistants name was Lidewij. Lidewij let them in, and showed them to Peter van Houten, who was sitting in his living room, with alcohol in the morning and listening to Swedish pop music. She is surprised by this, and Peter van Houten starts being extremely rude, shouting at her, that this wasn’t discussed with him, and that they should leave. She was stunned, and Lidewij explained that he stopped writing, and started drinking a lot of alcohol, and he never gave up the alcohol. However, Hazel doesn’t leave, she can’t talk with him normally anymore, but she wants to know one thing, how the book ends. The book ends in a cliff hanger, and she wants to know the ending, however Peter doesn’t answer, and she leaves.

Lidewij was extremely angry and quit working for Peter van Houten, and quickly ran after Augustus and Hazel as they ran out the door. She told them she’d take them to the Anne Frank house, as a gift. It’s very hard for Hazel to get up to it, because it has very thin stairs and she has to lift an oxygen cart up. Once completely up, out of the blue she kisses Augustus, in the middle of the house, at first she gets a small panic attack, thinking she just offended everyone in the room, however she is applauded and a circle of people had formed around them. After this, they go back and Lidewij apologizes yet again, but they say she has nothing to do with it. Once back in the hotel room, they have sex.

However, a bit later, Augustus his cancer returned, and as soon as Augustus gets back to the hospital, he starts getting heavy treatment for his cancer, however it is spreading and he is not expected to live long. And just a few days later, he dies. At his funeral to Hazel’s surprise, is Peter van Houten. At first she wants him to leave, as she ruined everything for her, however he explains that he had a daughter that died just a few years ago of cancer. Hazel tries to talk with him, and wants him to get sober again, and start getting back into his career, and he gets sent away with a taxi.

A bit after the funeral, Hazel and Isaac (Augustus’s friend), go to his hospital room to get his things, however she discovers there’s a notebook there, and he had been writing for her, however the pages are missing and after searching his room, his house, everywhere, the pages are nowhere to be found. She decided one last attempt, and that was to send an e-mail to Lidewij. Lidewij confirms that van Houten had them, and Augustus sent them to him to write an ending to the book, however, Houten never did anything with them. The notes are retrieved and sent to Hazel, who reads them, and accepts them. And so the book ends.

My personal opinion on the book,

I’ve read the book a few months ago, and re-read it a while ago for this book report, and both times I enjoyed the book a lot. It’s also written by John Green, who also has a YouTube channel which I often watch. The book was written nicely, and it’s completely in the style of how I like to read my books. It doesn’t quite exceed 1984 from my top books, but in writing style The Fault in Our Stars is most definitely number one for writing style in my list. It’s not my all-time favourite, but it certainly gets a high rating from me, and I would recommend this book to people I think would enjoy this kind of book. This is also one of the few books that I actually enjoyed to re-read, generally they become more boring to me because I already know the main storyline, unless it’s been years. However in this case, it was extremely fun to read through again.

Sources used : Read it myself. Wikipedia for recollection of the order of the main storyline.

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