Bringing Writers to Devtome the Right Way

If you are already a writer for Devtome, congratulations. You are part of a group of people that is working for a common goal (enhancing the value of Devcoins through different projects). Devtome is just one of those projects, and as you know is based on the act of writing. It is also the one that is recruited to the most often, but I have seen a lot of people going about it the wrong way. My goal with this article is to help understand what Devtome is and what it is not (and, in essence, this also carries on to Devcoins as a whole). The hope is that this helps clarify some things and adds some more value to the project. Remember, the more Devcoins are worth, the more we all benefit both directly and indirectly (via things like bounties)!

Sustaining Quality

The biggest issue I have seen so far from recruiters is pushing the idea that “anything” can be written about and that even bad writers can take part. While the former is true for the most part, there are some stipulations. The latter is completely false.


The topics that are written about should be based on what others want to read. Throwing up random babbling is not benefiting the project at all. If readers are not taking in the information or enjoying the content, they will in all likelihood not return to the site in order to see what other content there is. On the other hand, if they love what they read, they will continue to come back to either see new stuff by their favorite author or new topics in general. Along with this, if people are enjoying the topic it makes them much more likely to support the site by linking to it and referring others to it. The moral of the story? Write about topics that are of interest to others!

Quality Writers

It is hard to put this above or below the topic selection, so I will say that it should be about equal. The writers for Devtome should know what they are doing. I have seen a couple people throw around this idea that bad writers should join the project as well, and that is simply not true. We are here as writers, and that means that people should be editing their work. When you do things like misusing “your” and “you're,” what you are doing is showing that the writers of the site, as a whole, are uneducated and therefore should not be trusted. Why is this? Because it means that the content throughout the entire site (even the articles that are edited and proofread) are probably low quality. In other words, it leads to the same situation mentioned above: it causes people to stop coming by the site.


This is always a hot topic because it is an important one. Writers want to get benefits from their work, and that is completely understandable. After all, that time could just as well be used at a job to earn money, right? Well, this leads to its own issue. All too often I hear the questions related to pay (why is it low, when will it be there, etc.). While they are definitely important, there is a bit too much emphasis with some people joining the project and hoping that it is a get rich scheme. Trust me, it is not! To actually earn from the site and project, you have to care about it and continually work to make it better. If you just drag the project down, not only do you kill your own earnings, but you also risk being removed. I can not even count the number of people who have tried to cheat the system. It is not going to work, so do not risk it. You waste everyone's time.

Being a Positive Influence: Recruiting

This leads me on to how to do recruiting. I do not believe that talking about pay is a bad thing, but it should not be the primary focus (or even near it). Think of it as being a sub part of the project as a whole. If people are focused on how much they are going to earn and that is all, they are going to end up doing a pretty bad job and all of us end up losing money as a result. If anything, the pay can be considered as a byproduct of the work that is put in.

On the topic of writer quality, we need more good writers. Those who can do their own proofreading and editing are a major plus. Bringing in a lot of lower quality writers, while it does get more content out there, devalues the entire site (including your own writing) and leads to lower rewards for everyone. Try to avoid that at all costs, as there are article admins that sift through the new writers to ensure that they are up to the standards we are going for. If they are not, they are removed from the project and are likely to be upset with whoever recruited them because of the time they wasted when they are just not up to the par we are looking for.


While I am definitely happy that we are bringing on more new writers to the Devtome project, there are some issues that need to be resolved. The first of these is the low quality we are seeing, and the second is the constant emphasis on earnings and hoping to get rich off of the project. Neither of these are helpful, and they are both actively working to drag down the value of Devtome and Devcoins as a whole. Our first step to boosting the project back up to its quality standards is to start bringing people on board that are team workers and want to help the project succeed, rather than focusing solely on what their own benefits are. This leads to enhanced benefits for everyone, and we all win!


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