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Most people like to go on dates. After doing the basics for a month or so we start to run out of ideas so I am here to help! Here is some date inspiration!

Dinner Date

Make it at home and invite your significant other over for a romantic meal for two complete with wine, candles, tablecloth, and music. Make it at home together while drinking wine! Still use candles, table cloth, and romantic music. Go out to dinner! No clean up afterwards with this! Go to your favorite restaurant, his favorite restaurant, your “together” favorite, or a new one that you have been meaning to try. There are American, Italian, Chinese, Japanese, Thai, Polish, Russian, Peruvian, French, Mexican, you name it! Go try it! Another favorite of mine is to do the little bit of food here, little bit there. I’ve gone for drinks at one place, appetizers at another, entrée someplace else, and dessert at yet another place. This works great if in a downtown area. Another favorite is the same thing but with take out. Sometimes you just want to have a little of various things and get pizza, Chinese, and burgers all for the same meal. So we get takeout at all of them and bring them home to eat while watching a movie. Note: Try to time them as best you can by ordering in advance and picking up the things that stay hottest or are cold first.

Picnic Date

In the park, living room, backyard, beach, wherever. Have a full meal picnic or just fruit, cheese, and wine or dessert. Play your favorite music in the background. Bring a deck of cards or a board game. Just check the weather first so it won’t be rained out!

Movie Date

Watch a new one, old one at home, go to a theater, drive in, or on an iPad in the park. This is the classic date. Everyone enjoys seeing a movie. There are so many types: comedies, romantic, adventure, horror, and drama are a few types.

Game night Date

Board games, computer games, videogames, card games, strategy games, mind games, sex games, you name it! A little fun competition makes for an interesting night, especially with bets.

Club Night Date

This can be fun as a couples date or double date too with other people. Just be sure to pregame so all the hot sweaty bodies and sticky floor aren’t as bothersome. Plus, pre-gaming saves money. It’s a great way to let loose and check out each other’s moves. This is fun in a downtown area where you can walk to various clubs and even a 24 hour restaurant afterwards. Always be safe and don’t drink and drive.

Double Date

Go out with another couple to have more people to chat with. This way you and your date can be a team and the other couple can be a team if competing. Teamwork builds a relationship.

Shopping Date

Guys typically hate shopping. But it can be a fun date! Go to your local flea market, farmers market, dollar store, mall, wherever. Pick things out for each other or just cool stuff for yourself. Or buy things together as “us” stuff, such as a fondue set. Then go buy cheese or chocolate ingredients to make it that night!

Park Date

In the spring, summer, and fall I love park dates! Not in the creepy sense of going at night and parking to make out, but the day time exercise kind. They have paths to walk, roller blade, or bike. Tennis courts to play on. Fields to play baseball, kickball, or football. Swing sets to swing on. It’s just a fun place to be a kid, get some exercise, fresh air, and have fun!

Zoo Date

The zoo is such a fun place to go on a date. Many adults haven’t been to the zoo since they were children. You can see animals that you never see in your day to day life. It’s fun to chat while walking around but just sitting and watching the animals is great too. It provides a nice balance.

Bowling Date

This is an awesome date place. You can have a little friendly competition. There is an activity to do while engaging in conversation so there is less pressure. There is opportunity for pizza and beer as well!

Aquarium Date

This is similar to the zoo date, except with fish! There is something magical and serene about underwater life.

The Theater Date

This is similar to the movie date, except classier. This allows for getting gussied up.

Mini Golf Date

If you are more playful and not an experienced golfer, mini golf is a great game to play. It’s easy even if you have never played before, plus it’s cheap and fun! It allows for talking while having an activity take the pressure off.

Driving Range Date

If you two are into golf, or even if only one of you is, this is a great outdoors athletic activity. It doesn’t require too much skill or strength. It’s a great way to teach the other a skill you have. However, it’s more advanced than mini golf requiring a bit of skill.

Museum Date

Going to a museum is a very cultural date that’s great for artsy and creative people. It’s a fun way to learn about history and find out your date’s taste in art. Just be careful because maybe it’s just me, but I get cranky after hours of walking around in a museum even though I enjoy it. But that always happens to me for some reason, I think it’s overstimulation for my eyes/dehydration/tiredness of walking.

Concert Date

This is a great date if you are into music or the same band. But it doesn’t provide a lot of talking opportunity since it’s so loud.

Ice Skating Date

Normally I’m not a fan of being outside in the winter since it’s so cold. However, one of the few dates that are fun is ice skating. It provides an opportunity to hold hands and skate around getting exercise outside. Just dress warm and get a hot chocolate while you are out!

Sledding Date

This would be another winter date that is great to get some exercise and fill your lungs with fresh air. It’s a very fun time to let loose and act like a kid. Just be sure to bundle up! Hot coco afterwards by a fireplace is a delicious and relaxing way to end the date.

Skiing/Snowboarding Date

This is the more mature version of the sledding date. It is a more physical activity that is harder for beginners. I’ve been skiing once and I have never been snowboarding. Some people love this, others hate it. I’m not a fan because of how much work it takes, my leg muscles were constantly engaged while skiing and I was always afraid of falling and hurting myself. It’s a unique experience and I’m glad I tried it once but it’s not for everyone.

Take a Class Date

It’s fun to learn something new together: dancing, cooking, or college classes are fun. It brings you together and you have something more to talk about. You should always continue learning and it’s great to do it together.

Swimming Date

This is a great way to get some sun, exercise, and have a great day together. There are various options: pool, lake, or ocean. It’s fun to check out your date’s body as well and touch it while putting sunscreen on them. It allows for being silly, splashing around, carrying each other around the pool, having swimming contests, doing handstands, playing catch in the water, the possibilities are endless.

Gym Date

This isn’t a glamorous date but it’s a way to be healthy, reach goals together, and possibly be competitive. Workout at the gym doing cardio or weights, outside, or at home. It’s great to be healthy together and encourage one another in their fitness goals.

Bird Watching Date

Go out to the forest and connect with nature together watching the birds and wildlife. Just be careful to remember your way out so you don’t get lost and bring a water!

Dinner Cruise

This is a very romantic way to spend the evening with delicious food, beautiful views, and live entertainment. This is a great anniversary type of date.

Comedy Show Date

Everyone loves to laugh! Go see a local comedy show together and see what type of humor your partner has.

Go Wine or Beer Tasting

If you are over 21 years old, go check out a local winery or brewery and go for a tasting.

Night in Date

Stay in and relax together at home. Play a game, watch a movie, cook, and talk, there are lots of things to do. If you have been together for a while, have a sleepover. Stay up talking, get to know one another, play games, and watch movies. Being together for hours really lets you get to know someone. Plus it’s fun to have breakfast together in the morning.

Fair Date

When the fair comes to town, head to the fair for rides, games, and food! It’s a cute date place.

Cedar Point/Theme Park

Go to a theme park like Cedar Point to ride various types of rides and play games. They have tons of roller coasters, water rides, and games to win prizes. It’s so fun to just walk around together and trying various rides.

Road Trip Date

When you have extra time on the weekend, head out somewhere a few hours away for a mini road trip. It could be a restaurant you want to try, a flea market, a lake, visit friends, or go to a bed and breakfast. It’s fun to take little getaways together. Plus, the time spent in the car provides for an opportunity to talk about your week.

Vacation Date

Once you have been dating for a little while, it’s great to take vacations together. Being with someone for 24 hours a day for a week straight really lets you know if you are compatible. You can’t take that much time with just anymore. It really allows for great conversations and deepening a relationship.

Running Competition Date

Participate in the Breast Cancer 3 Day walk, Color Run, or marathon together. It’s a great way to bond and be healthy together.

Stargazing Date

Check the weather and head out in the night to watch the stars. Grab a glass of wine and blanket to lie on. It’s best to head away from the city where the lights don’t interfere with the stars. It’s a very romantic backdrop for a date, especially if you can point out the constellations.

Horseback Riding Date

Hit the trails on some horses! It’s a great way to see some beautiful scenery.

Arcade Date

Hit up a Dave and Busters or Lucky Strike arcade. Play some basketball, DDR, Deal or No Deal, or any of the other hundreds of arcade games there. It’s a fun way to let your inner kid out, win some tickets, and go home with a prize.

Skydiving Date

If you both are adventurous why not try skydiving! Just be careful if either of you is afraid of heights or has sinus issues, then this might not be the best type of date.

Bungee Jumping Date

This is also a more adventuresome type of date. Again, not good if either of you is afraid of heights.

Sporting Game Date

Go to a football, basketball, hockey, or baseball game. Grab a beer and hot dog. Put on your favorite teams colors and cheer your head off! There are so many fun things to do for a date, just do what makes you both happy! Dates ; Adventure | Relationships

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