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Hi there, my name is Maverick and what your about to read has changed my life whether it is for the worst or the best, is up to you to decide. I've decided to warn others of this, so they may avoid the trouble that has entered my life and possibly yours. I was once just a regular teen that had enjoyed going to school every day just to hang out with my friends. I’m six feet and one inch tall, with dirty blonde hair, and blue eyes. I usually wear my jeans and some sort of fishing shirt. Your typical high school student but one day I got an invitation from my friend, Axel.

Chapter One: The invitation

On May 5th I went to school like any other day. On the bus my friend, Axel had come up to me with an invitation in hand. Axel himself is pretty much my best friend, since we were about six years old. Now he is about six feet tall, short brown hair, with hazel eyes. Today he was wearing his signature jeans, one of his many buttoned up shirts, and his boat shoes. Once he gave me the invitation, he asked if I could come to his birthday camping trip. “It would just be us and Kalvyn” said Axel.

Kalvyn was our other best friend we met in middle school. He was about five feet and nine inches. He had blonde hair and green eyes. Kalvyn was really good at swimming and is currently the school’s swim team’s captain. “We are going to an Island in the Caribbean named Iona” said Axel then he stated “the island itself has been hardly explored and is relatively new, so we can have some fun there ya know”. He was hinting to being able to drink alcohol without having anyone around. I didn't really mind the alcohol, or being alone with my two friends, but the island was giving me a really creepy vibe. I accepted the invitation, as I did Axel said “you only have until the end of this week to respond with yes or no”. That gave me little time to do some research on the island. Soon after, Axel went back to his seat and I fell asleep.

The bus finally rolled up to the school, I was awoken by Axel and hearing him say “wake up sunshine”. I just glared at him and said “the sun isn't even out yet“. Mind you this was at about six in the morning. I got off the bus and started to walk off towards the entrance of the school. Riverside High School was one of the few high schools in the city of Alva, Florida. As I walked through the doors of Riverside I could see Axel and Kalvyn waiting for me at my locker.

My friends started to talk to me but I wasn't fully awake yet and didn't really hear them. Once I opened my locker I said “shouldn't you guys be annoying someone else who is actually awake”. They both laughed and then Kalvyn responded “but Mav you’re the only one not fully awake so it's funny“. I just shook my head and said jokingly “why have I been cursed with the two most annoying friends”. Axel responded sarcastically “because we love you maverick”. Just as I got done getting my binder for first period which was Pre-calc, Ariel had passed by. Ariel was pretty much the girl I've had a crush on since elementary school. Even now I’m mesmerized by her long blonde hair, blue eyes, and short stature about five feet and four inches. But of course Axel had to interrupt my gawking at her which would be creepy if she noticed. Axel said “why don’t you go talk to her?” I just walked away from him and started heading to my class. Unfortunately I’m stuck with these guys all day because we have the same class schedule.

As I walk into Mrs. Faultz’s class, I notice the new girl sitting in my desk. I was trying to decide whether I should tell her to move or just sit somewhere else, but my friends already decided that they would sit in their usual seats next to mine. I walk up to the girl and say “Hi, I know you’re new but you’re kind of in my seat, could you please move?” the girl was startled at first but then looked at me with intense lilac eyes. She was actually pretty with her long black hair and petite stature. “Sorry I didn't know better, like you said I am new” said the new girl. “It’s fine” I said, “I didn't catch your name, what is it?” I responded. “My name is Lily its short for Lilith, and what about yours?” she said. “My name is Maverick” I responded. “Well it was nice to meet you Maverick, maybe you can show my around later” she said, I responded nervously “sure after school today I can”. Then she got up and walked to another desk away from my friends and me. As soon as she was gone Kalvyn said “Dang who knew you could talk to girls and actually flirt with them” and then Axel chimed in “yea, could have sworn you would have just stared like you do at Ariel” Axel and Kalvyn laughed at that. “Whatever” I responded as the teacher walked through the door, and began class.

The announcements came on during the last period of the day which happened to be Biology with Mr. Hunter; he was by far my favorite teacher at the school. The announcements usually marked that we were about to get dismissed from school. As we got dismissed, I realized I didn't know where to find the new girl Lily at, so I decided to roam around the hallways until I find her. Axel said jokingly “she has you whipped already and you aren't even dating yet” Kalvyn couldn't help but laugh at the remark. “At least there’s a girl that wants to talk to me” I said. Axel got mad, both me and Kalvyn busted out in laughter. “Well I’ll see you guys later, I’m going to go find this girl” I said as I walk away waving good bye. As I rounded the corner, I literally walked into Lily.

“I’m so sorry, oh hey Lily” I said. She looked up and saw it was me then smiled and said “Sorry I wasn't paying attention and was out looking for you”. “Well where do you want to go first?” I responded. “Well I’m still confused on where everything is in the school” Lily said. I walked with her around the entire school campus showing her everything, and even telling her about some of the history of the school. After that I walked her to the city’s library which was only a few blocks away luckily. After that we hung out there for a while and her parents came and got her. I ended up walking home but it didn't really bother me. Once I got home, I checked my phone to see I had several text messages from both Kalvyn and Axel trying to make fun of me while I was out with Lily. I just ignored them and went to bed because I was exhausted for some reason.

Chapter Two: The Trip

The whole week went by in a blur; I also got to spend a lot more time with Lily showing her around the city since she was new to the place. I had accepted the invitation from Axel and I even did some research on the Island. Apparently the island appeared over a month ago, and only a select few have gotten the chance to go visit the island. Luckily enough Axel won an online raffle and got three tickets to go. I think this will be great to explore a new island that was discovered by a local fisherman, and hardly touched by humans. Only thing they have done so far is add several docks to the island, and a small building within sight of the docks so that people with clearance can enter. Many people believe this island is the long lost city of Atlantis, but so far it’s just all covered with jungles and beaches.

The people who discovered the island, decided to name it Iona after some Gaelic mythological sea god’s son. I thought this was interesting, because it’s odd to have a Gaelic named island in the middle of the Caribbean. But we might just find out why once we get to the island and explore its undiscovered lands.

I just got home Friday, after walking Lily home of course, and started to pack my bag for the camping trip. I had to make sure I was prepared for the trip so I started to pack all the essentials such as clothing, toiletries, etc. Then I got the tent, sleeping bag, and pillow. Finally I packed a fishing rod, my handy pocket knife, and flash light. As I got everything packed up and ready to go, my door bell went off. Wondering who it could be I went to answer the door. Of course it was Axel standing there. I said “Aren’t we leaving tomorrow?” he replied “Well yea but I came over to tell you that I’m spending the night here and so is Kalvyn”. “Uhhhh fine I guess I really don’t have a say in this do I?” Kalvyn appeared next to Axel saying “Nope!” as he came right on in. Luckily my parents were out of town for the next week and they didn’t mind these two coming over.

After hanging out for majority of the night we all passed out. In the morning we awoke at six am to go out to the docks to head over to the island. As we packed our stuff into the back of Axel’s jeep which was a generous birthday present from his parents, I yelled out “shotgun” as I took the front seat. Kalvyn complained about it but got into the back seat after he realized I wasn’t giving the seat up. Then Axel jumped into the driver’s seat and turned the jeep on. As we headed down the street towards the docks we were listening to the country station, singing to Kid Rock’s “All Summer Long”. After about fifteen minutes of driving we finally got there and found Axel’s boat which we all jumped in with our stuff. Kalvyn took over as driver then as he had a boating license.

The ride to the island from the boat was about five hours. The majority of the time we had been fishing, making jokes, and tubing. I had managed to catch a pretty decent sized dolphin fish, which we kept for dinner later. Then when Axel went fishing he had been at it for a good hour and his line finally started to get tugged on. He got really excited and started to yell “I got a big one!”. He had fought with the fish for a good five minutes and pulled it up to reveal a little sea turtle. Kalvyn and I died of laughter while Axel got pissed and had to cut the line. After that we caught a lot of groupers which we kept for food supply. When we had started to go tubing though that got interesting, watching Axel hold on for dear life was just hilarious. But then watching Axel fly off into the water was just hysterically funny. Then we had all watched the bottled nosed dolphins swimming around us and jumping through the wake we were creating from the boat. The trip to the island alone was a great experience.

As we spotted the island on the horizon we had all gotten excited about finally getting there and on to land. As we came upon the island we turned off the GPS on the boat since we knew where we were going. The dock appeared on the side of the island, apparently there were in total of six docks on the island. As we got closer to the dock, Axel and I got ready to jump onto the dock. Then we did, and we both yelled “Go!”, as it was a race between us to see who could tie their rope to the dock first. I had gotten done just a few seconds before Axel yelling “Done!” almost as he did. Kalvyn and I laughed as Axel got beat again.

Then we all got our stuff and pulled it out onto the dock. Loaded it all up onto our backs and carrying the rest towards the little building about quarter a mile away. Once we got there we dropped all of our stuff and sat there to rest because we each all had about sixty pounds of equipment and other things with us. After we sat there for about thirty minutes just enjoying the surrounding area which was a giant beach until about another quarter mile behind the building was a dense tropical jungle due to being in the middle of the Caribbeans, we had realized that it was one o’clock and time to eat some lunch. So we had Kalvyn bring out the box of pizza we ordered the night before and dug into it even though it was cold from being in the cooler. Finally we got up after eating and entered the building.

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