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Loadout is a free-to-play third-person shooter multiplayer video game, developed by Edge of Reality. Loadout is unique in the fact that you can customize your own weapon, by choosing the style, perks and name for your weapons. The weapon customization gives you the ability to create your own play-style. There is also the option to customize your character's outfit, so you can stand out more! Loadout is a cartoony shooter, so don't expect too much realism!

Loadout was released on 31 January 2014 on Steam. It is only available on Windows.


Game Modes

Loadout offers a variety of game modes, every game mode has its own objective(s). Every game mode is 4 players versus 4 players.


Blitz is a capture control points type of game mode. A Blitz point pops up and your team has to capture it by raising the flag (laundry). There is only one point available at the time, and both teams want to capture it. This means chaos! The more teammates are capturing at the same time, the quicker the flag goes up. For each enemy player who is capturing, you will capture one teammate slower. So if you have two teammates capturing, and one enemy, you will capture at the speed of one teammate. If there is one teammate and one enemy, the flag will stand still. Once a team captured a Blitz point, the team is awarded 500 points. A team wins once it reaches 3000 points or when the time runs out and has the most points.


Death Snatch

Death Snatch is a confirm the kill deathmatch gametype. The goal of this game mode is to kill enemy players. Once you killed an enemy player they will drop a vial, if you pick it up you score 100 points. If you kill an enemy but don't pick up the vial, you won't gain any points. It is possible to pick up vials from enemies killed by teammates, this will cause your team to gain 100 points. It is also possible to pick up vials from death teammates. If you pick up a 'friendly' vial, you denied the enemy from scoring. A team wins this game mode once they reach 3500 points, or the time runs out and they have the most points.



Extraction is an unique game mode. Every team gets assigned a “collector” at random, and the collector has to gather blutonium. Blutonium is found all over the map. Once a collector picks up blutonium (with the 'e' button), he has to deposit it in a grinder, grinders are also found all over the map. If a collector dies, a new collector will get randomly selected. Blutonium is very dangerous, and it will explode once it gets shot at, or when you throw with it.



Jackhammer is comparable to capture the flag, except the flag is a dangerous hammer, which can be used in combat. Both teams have a dock where the hammer is stationed, and the enemy has to steal it and bring it to their dock. You can only capture a hammer if your own hammer is in the dock! You can pick up an enemy hammer by pressing the 'e' button, and then it will be your only weapon. Every player will also see that you stole the hammer, and will see your location on the minimap. Every capture will give you 500 points, but if you kill an enemy with the hammer you will earn an additional 100 points once captured. The first team to reach 3000 points wins the game, or when the time runs out the team with the most points will win. If a hammer is dropped (manually or when the carrier dies), it will remain on the dropped location. If an enemy (who has to steal the hammer) walks over it he will gain control of it. If an ally (who has to protect the hammer) walks over it, it will be returned to the dock.



Annihilation is a mix of the above game modes. Every game mode is available, and you can choose how you want to earn your points. Each team has a jackhammer available. There are also multiple capture points (Blitz points) in the map, they do however not randomly appear). And lastly, every kill has to be confirmed by picking up the vials. The annihilation game mode lasts a lot longer than the other game modes. The main goal of the game mode is to reach 10,000 points. Once you accumulated this, the enemy's dropship will be open to enter, and your team has to destroy it to win the match. The only way to destroy the dropship is by charging a hammer. To do this, you have to steal the enemy's hammer, charge it at the charging station and then destroy the dropship with it.


In this game mode, there are also boosts, known as injections in this game. At your spawn base, there are three stations, each giving a different injection. You can select one and you will gain a boost for the full match (until you choose another injection). The three injections are: Slayer (Increases the amount of damage you deal), Tank (Increases your armor, you will take less damage) and Healer (Increase your heal rate).


At the moment, there are only four multiplayer maps:

  • Fissure
  • The Brewery
  • Trailer Park
  • Four Points

All maps are symmetrical (both teams have the same options), and available to all game modes except for Four Points. Four Points does not support the Jackhammer game mode.


As stated above, this games allows you to craft your own weapons. You can buy weapon parts with Blutes, the ingame currency which you will earn after playing games. As of today, there are over 55 million possible combinations. You start the weapon creation by choosing a name. Once you did this, you have to select the chassis. This is the most important part of your weapon. There are four weapon chassis: Rifle, Launcher, Pulse and Beam. After you've chosen the chassis, you can select a bunch of different weapon types, namely:

  • Stock
  • Trigger
  • Magazine
  • Barrel
  • Scope
  • Payload

Before you buy your weapon, you can test it on a training field. Once you've purchased it, there is no going back, so choose wisely!

Your Loadout

When you created a weapon, you have to put it in a loadout. A loadout exists of two (created) weapons, a hand grenade and your outfit. You start off with two loadout slots, and will unlock more once you level up. You also have to select your character and his/her outfit. As of now, there are three characters, Axl, T-Bone and Helga. The only way to get new outfits is to buy them with coins (see Microtransactions).


Leveling up

While playing the game, you will not only earn Blutes to buy weapon parts, but you will also earn experience points, which will level you up. Leveling up gives you a blute bonus, but it will also release new loadout slots and new weapon crafting slots!


Since the game is free to play, there is a microtransaction feature available. The main thing I want to make clear is that this game is not pay to win! You can't buy exclusive weapons with real life money! So paying players have no advantage over free to play players. In Loadout, you can buy coins, which will give you the possibility to buy weapon parts, instead of paying with Blutes (but no weapon parts are coin-only!), or you can buy custom outfits, which can only be bought with coins. This is, in my opinion, the best type of microtransaction!

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