Marijuana, which is also known as cannabis, is a drug which is usually consumed for its effects, which are both psychoactive and physiological. They include stronger moods and happiness, increase of appetite, and relaxation. Side effects include reddened eyes, anxiety, and dry mouth. Today, marijuana is used mostly for recreational and medicinal purposes. It is illegal in most countries, though some, such as the United States, have state laws which allow its use.



Marijuana, when smoked, has the immediate effect of relaxation and a feeling of joy, which is what people describe as “high.” If ingested (such as through tea) it takes about 45 minutes to start. Side effects, as mentioned before, are dry mouth and reddening of the eyes. Your heart rate will also increase and your appetite will grow. Continuous use of marijuana will give you respiratory problems (such as bronchitis), but other than that, no other major side effects have been found. Though not as severe as other drugs, it is still recommended that you do not use it, unless recommended by a doctor, though in most states, both medical and recreational marijuana is illegal.

Addictiveness of Marijuana

Dr. Jack E. Henningfield ranked the addictiveness of the following six substances: marijuana, caffeine, cocaine, alcohol, heroin and nicotine. Marijuana was ranked least addictive, followed by caffeine as second-least addictive. Nicotine, which is found in most tobacco products, ranked most addictive.

Effects on Children (<18 years of age)

A 35-year long study found a strong correlation between continuous, long-term, and chronic marijuana use and a decline in intelligence and neurotic development. Lasting harm to a person's intelligence was found with people who started smoking marijuana before age eighteen, even after factoring in education and other socioeconomic factors. People who started consuming the drug after the age of eighteen did not show the same amount of loss, but there was still some loss evident. Also, quitting the drug did not show any reversal, which leads to the hypothesis that the loss of intelligence may be permanent.

Price and Effect on the Global Economy

The valuation of marijuana depends on the supply in a specific area and the “quality” of the drug. Marijuana is fourth most valuable crop in the United States, and it is number one or two in some states, which include New York and California. It is up to $3,000 a pound at those locations.


The state of Washington in the United States (not the capitol complex) was the first state to legalize marijuana for recreational uses. The state of Colorado followed closely afterwards. Washington lately had the “Hempfest,” a marijuana festival, in Seattle.

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This article does not endorse the usage of marijuana. In fact, the author of this article discourages it and rather have you quit. He recommends you check this:

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