Team Fortress 2 - The Phlogistinator

The Phlogistinator is a weapon for the Pyro. It cannot airblast or do a random critical hit, and it has a 10% damage penalty. However, once 225 damage is done by the Pyro to fill up a Mmmph bar, taunting with the Phlogistinator will give critical hits for only the Phlogistinator. Those are the stats of the weapons.

Other Weapons

Some weapons go along with each other, and some don't.

Some that go well are:


Since the Phlogistinator cannot airblast, the ability to extinguish teammates is gone, unless the Manmelter is used with it. It can extinguish teammates, and get a crit for extinguishing teammates.

Third Degree

It is a direct upgrade to the axe you start with. Hitting the medic healing someone, or the person being healed will fill up the mmmph bar by over 50%.


You will be using your Phlogistinator, not your melee most of the time. The Homewrecker can remove sappers, so you can help your Engineer.

Neon Annihiliator

Same thing with the Homewrecker, you can remove sappers with this.


You can run faster with the Powerjack, so this allows you to run after enemies.

And some that don't are:

Reserve Shooter

You can't airblast people in the air and then use this, so it's pretty useless.

Sharpened Volcano Fragment

There's no reason to use this. You have a flamethrower. Out of ammo? Use your secondary, or find a ammo pack.

Fire Axe

The Third Degree is a direct upgrade from this.


Taunting fills your health, and gives you a 75% damage resistance while taunting, but these things can still kill you:

  • A backstab
  • A Heavy
  • Stickies placed under you while your taunting
  • Multiple people
  • A Pyro airblasting you off a pit/cliff
  • A sentry gun

There is a glitch where the Mmmph bar doesn't reflect damage resistances, so a Spy using the Dead Ringer can fill up the Mmmph bar. Use this to your advantage.

Play safely, do damage with your secondary weapon, use the Phlogistinator for enemies coming to you, then when the Mmmph bar is filled, attack.

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