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Before you start the game, you want to make sure you are playing with the correct loadout. Now, the medic has multiple weapons that should be used on different times, so make sure you have a multitude of loadouts ready. The game allows you to have 4, which is great. I use all 4 of them.

Primary Weapon

The medic has 4 primary weapons, but they aren't really important to his game. You won't be using them too much, so this choice isn't really important. I stick to the stock Syringe Gun because it has no downsides. All the other guns are good and have their advantages, but I do discourage using the Blutsauger, as it will heal you slower, and the health on hit isn't worth it. Just choose between the Syringe Gun, Crusader's Crossbow or the Overdose.


Secondary Weapon

Your Medigun, and your most used weapon. There are four different types of Mediguns, and I have all of them in my slots.

Let's start with the stock Medi Gun. It grants the regular Übercharge for 8 seconds, both heals and overheals, and has no downsides. This Medi Gun can be used in any scenario, and is most likely the one you will use the most. Definitely start out with this Medi Gun, because you are able to overheal most of your teammates in the pre-round AND have a Übercharge ready before the round begins! Great start to the round! You will use this Medi Gun by default.

The Kritzkrieg is a special Medi Gun, and is useful in certain scenario's. It has a 25% faster charge rate, so you will get the Übercharge faster, BUT the Übercharge won't give invincibility, it will give 8 seconds of critical hits. This is very helpful when you are against a big group of enemies, and you need a charge fast. It takes a lot of practice to master this, because you will be very vulnerable when you activate the charge. The whole enemy team will want your head! Use this with caution!

Next up is the Quick Fix, and like the name says, it heals quickly! The heal rate is increased by 40%, and the charge rate by 25%, and you will also walk as fast as whoever you are healing (only if they're faster than you are, e.g. the Scout). The big downside to this is that the overheal is decreased by 50%, which is a major downside for your team. The Übercharge also doesn't grant invincibility, it will cause a Megaheal, which will increase the healing time by 3x. The Quick Fix is useful when you are the only Medic on the team, and a lot of your teammates are damaged. With this Medi Gun you can quickly heal everybody and then switch back to the stock Medi Gun.

The last one is the Vaccinator, I haven't used this one a lot because I don't really like it. It grants a 50% faster charge rate, but decreases the overheal by 66%. The special thing about the Vaccinator is the Übercharge. You have to choose a resistance type (with the reload button), and the Übercharge will provide a 75% resistance to this weapon type. It is basically a worse version of the stock Medi Gun Übercharge, because you won't get full resistance AND you have to 'guess' by what you're going to get attacked. A big plus on this Medi Gun is that whenever you are healing someone you are healed 25% of the damage he gets. In addition to this, both you and your healing target get a 10% resistance to the selected weapon type, when not Übercharged. It is a great Medi Gun to stay alive for a short time, but the lack of Overheal makes this my least favorite Medi Gun.


The Medic has a multitude of Melee weapons, but besides all the stock weapons for all classes, there are 4 melee weapons with special abilities. From these, you should NEVER use the Vita-Saw. You simply can't afford 10 fewer health points! NEVER USE THE VITA-SAW!

The Übersaw is a great melee weapon though. It hits 25% slower, but whenever you hit someone you get 25% charge meter! I don't really see the slower attack speed as an issue, because you will hardly use the melee weapons, only to finish someone off. So getting 25% charge for giving out a final blow is great! I personally use this melee weapon on all my classes!

The Amputator is another great melee weapon. It deals 20% less damage, but like I said, damage isn't too important. It has two great abilities, When you are holding the weapon, 3 health is regenerated per second! And when you taunt a healing effect will heal all nearby teammates! These are some great abilities! It is very helpful when you have to heal a big group but don't have the Quick Fix selected.

The last one is the Solemn Vow, it is a regular melee weapon with the ability to show the an enemy's health. It can be helpful, but you won't be using it too much. I would choose between the Übersaw and the Amputator.


The Medic has a lot of hats and misc. items, so to keep it compact I will just throw in my favorite ones. My favorite hats are the Team Captain (because I'm a huge Street Fighter fan), and the Teutonkahmun (Because it's freaking awesome!). My favorite Misc. items are Archimedes the Undying, Dr. Whoa (styling!) and the Blighted Beak.


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