TF2 Weapon Review: The Baby Face's Blaster

I'm a big fan of Scout. Running around enemy lines being an annoyance is an aspect of the game that I love, and so I'm always interested in weapons that improve Scout's mobility.

Let me start out by saying this: The Baby Face's Blaster is my favourite weapon, not only for scout but in the whole game, it really is that incredible.

Here's how it works:

After you equip The Baby Face's Blaster, your running speed is lowered by 10% and a boost gauge appears on screen. Though the lowering of the running speed may seem like a bad thing, the boost gauge makes up for it.

When you deal damage to enemies, your boost gauge fills up: the higher the boost gauge, the faster you run. The boost gauge depletes when you double jump, which can take a bit of getting used to, but once you've got the hang of it running around enemy lines at full boost with insane speed is an incredibly fun experience.

It's not without its downsides, however: the high speed makes it very difficult to aim. This gun definitely has a learning curve to it: learning to not use double jump unless you absolutely have to, and working your aim around the high running speed are aspects of The Baby Face's Blaster that take some getting used to, but once you've gotten the hang of it, it really becomes a blast (if you'll excuse the pun).

Unfortunately The Baby Face's Blaster makes it very difficult to use the Sandman x Flying Guillotine combo (one of my favourite combinations) due to the high speed. It's a weapon combination that requires a lot of accuracy to use properly and you just don't get that kind of accuracy when using The Baby Face's Blaster at full boost.

So how can I use it?

There are a number of ways to work with The Baby Face's Blaster. One of my favourites is wielding a bat, running into an enemy base, hitting someone, and then sprinting back out again. It's being annoying like that that The Baby Face's Blaster is perfect for: while it could be done in theory without the speed boost, this gun makes it so much easier and so much more fun.

Other fun strategies are running up to a Pyro, shooting them, and then running out of their way, and repeat. Pyros are difficult to kill as most classes, in my experience: something about them makes them a little more powerful than other classes. With The Baby Face's Blaster it's very difficult for them to set you on fire if you run into range, shoot them, and run out again. Let's face it, a Pyro is never going to catch up with you if you use this gun well, and that takes out a massive amount of annoyance that came with fighting Pyros.

Fighting other Scouts is also a joy, of course. Being able to outrun the fastest class in the game is not only great fun but gives you a tactical advantage. I like running at their side, shooting them, and then speeding off forwards. It's not only a good strategy, but it's also good fun.

Not to mention, this gun is also wonderful if you're playing as a Cash Scout in Mann Vs. Machine: the speed boost makes it easier to run in and get money without being shot to bits, and this makes you a valuable ally to your team mates.

The benefits of The Baby Face's Blaster also make themselves apparent when playing Capture The Flag. Running in at high speeds to grab the enemy flag makes the capturing process a whole lot easier, though sentries still remain an issue.

What are some good combinations for this weapon?

Something including the Crit-A-Cola and The Baby Face's Blaster would be a good idea: the high speed allows you to get right up in the face of the person you're trying to dispose of before your crits run out, and if they do run out you can just sprint out of the room again at lightning speed.

Using a Bonk! Atomic Punch might not be a bad idea either: running around so quickly a and being invincible allows you to get past sentries, and thus to enemy lines, relatively easily. This is something that doesn't go to waste if you're trying to capture in Capture The Flag and there's a sentry in the way of you getting to the enemy Intel. Using the Punch paired with The Baby Face's Blaster is a great way to quickly and efficiently get past sentries without your invincibility running out mid-journey.

As for Bats, the Fan O' War is a good choice. As I said earlier, running up to someone, hitting them, and then running away is a great way to use The Baby Face's Blaster and a Bat. Sure, using the Fan O' War gives you a 90% decrease in damage, but the ability to mark someone for death is great: it means you can run in, hit them with the Fan O' War (thus marking them for death), run out, run in again, and shoot them to pieces with The Baby Face's Blaster, using the mini-crits the mark of death applies.

I guess if you are REALLY accurate you can use the Sandman x Flying Guillotine combo, but you have to be very good at the game to pull it off, which I'm not. I'd recommend staying away from that unless you're really advanced.


Overall I think The Baby Face's Blaster is my favourite gun in the game: the added mobility makes Scout an even more powerful class than he was before, and I can't even begin to describe how beneficial a skilled scout with The Baby Face's Blaster is to the team. Want to be the MVP? Use this gun, seriously, your team mates will thank you for it.

In conclusion, I can't recommend this weapon enough. If your aim is good and you're willing to take the time to learn how to use it, it will soon become your favourite gun.


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