Why Team Fortress 2 was Successful

Team Fortress 2 was a successful game, and it still is. Here are some things that Valve did to make it successful.

It was in the Orange Box

The Orange Box was a video game compilation which cost $19.99. It had Half-Life 2, Half-Life 2: Episode One, which both were previously released by itself. Then there were the new games, Portal, Half-Life 2: Episode Two, and Team Fortress 2. People that wanted one of the new games got Team Fortress 2 added in, and people that wanted Team Fortress 2 would think that it was a good deal.

It is Updated

Team Fortress 2 has gotten many updates. New game modes, maps, weapons, hats, and changes to weapons. Mann vs. Machine, Über update, Australian Christmas update, the list goes on. These updates made the game less boring for players that started Team Fortress 2 years ago.

It is Free

Team Fortress 2 was free on June 23, 2011. This caused many new players, making a bigger community. The system used by Valve meant that free to play players could only have 1 backpack page instead of 6 for paid players. All weapons that aren't a reskin (a weapon that is the same as a weapon, but looks different) can be acquired by free to play players by the item drop system, which allows the player to get a weapon every 30 to 70 minutes. In order for free to play players to be paid players, they had to buy something from the in-game store. The cheapest item was 10 cents, but 5 dollars was the minimum deposit.

It is Unique

There are many unique things about Team Fortress 2. The Spy is an example. The Spy uses stealth by cloak and disguises, not power as his gun is weaker than the Heavy's minigun or the Demoman's explosives. His knife can backstab enemies for a instant kill. Other games don't have that.

The Steam Market

The Steam Market allowed players to sell items such as festive items, Mann Co. Suupply Crates, and unusual hats for Steam Wallet money. There is a 10% Team Fortress 2 tax, and a 5% Steam tax. Valve made money this way.

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