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 ==Collated== ==Collated==
 *[[:NIRP]] - Source: Collated *[[:NIRP]] - Source: Collated
-*[[:Devcoin Summary]] - Source: Collated 
 ==Original== ==Original==
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 *[[:​Diabetes Overview]] - Source: Original *[[:​Diabetes Overview]] - Source: Original
 *[[:​Investment Banking]] - Source: Original *[[:​Investment Banking]] - Source: Original
-*[[:​Development Exchange]] - Source: Original 
-*[[:Devtome Improvement Suggestions]] - Source: Original 
-*[[:​Explaining Devtome Earnings]] - Source: Original 
-*[[:Devcoin Accomplishments]] - Source: Original 
 *[[:Undue Influence and Unconscionable Bargain]] - Source: Original *[[:Undue Influence and Unconscionable Bargain]] - Source: Original
 *[[:​Citizens Charter]] - Source: Original *[[:​Citizens Charter]] - Source: Original

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